Notre Dame Survives Pitt for Triple Overtime Win

By Jason Priestas on November 3, 2012 at 9:05p

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As much as I hate ND, at least we don't have to hear Mark May gloat and the chance he'll have to dress up as a leprechaun is still alive...

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Instead we have to deal with Notre Dame fans. I'd say that's worse.

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Someone said it on another thread, but it bears repeating.  I'm beginning to understand why Mark May is the way he is.

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Suck. Somebody has to knock ND off. They still have to play USC don't they?



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USC will get them....I hope!!

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I've never understood all the hatred for Notre Dame. I grew up in NW Ohio, so I suppose it's sort of a melting pot. So many Irish and Wolverine fans up here as well as Buckeyes. I guess I've always seen Notre Dame as neutral. We rarely play them, and when we have we have owned them, so why the hate. Yes they cling to what they've done in the past, and probably get too much credit and hype when it's not warranted. 
For me, I think college football is so much better when your traditional powers are very good. It just doesn't do anything for me to watch Michigan, Nebraska, Texas, Notre Dame, Miami, and FSU struggle to bounce back. It's more entertaining to watch quality tradition rich programs battle it out at seasons end. I still believe the SEC monster was born due to Miami, and FSU struggling. If those two teams don't have a fallout, the SEC doesn't win 6 straight IMO.
I work in a steel mill with a bunch of Irish fans, most of them are pretty humble, respectful guys. Every now and again, I'll get a guy who asks me what our BCS ranking is. Or crack on me about tatgate. It's so hard for me to bite my tongue. I want to ask them what's worse??? Having 5 kids sell/trade stuff for Tattoos, or have a coaching staff put a kid in a scissor lift in 50mph winds??  Not sure how many people know about the Lizzy girl, and the alleged rape by a Notre Dame football player that is still on the active roster. The girl took her own life 10 days after telling people about it. Her parents are ND alum, I know it's all been kept under wraps. I'm surprised that hasn't made more news. I suppose we know each fanbase has it's share of idiots that give everyone a bad name. I try to remain humble, and refrain from bashing or picking on ND fans even though I'm tempted. I still don't hate Notre Dame, and actually hope they run the table. Not sure if that makes me a bad Buckeye.

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