Noah Vonleh Picks Indiana

By Alex on November 11, 2012 at 10:14a

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Ask Nick Saban how he does it.

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Have a feeling that Matta will be taking some lumps from his best friend Tom Crean for a while. Crean doesn't have enough room to squeeze all the big time talent onto the roster, Matta can't find anyone to commit to fill OSU's. I know recruiting has been in full football mode here on 11W for a bit now, but maybe we could get an article about what Matta is doing to address the fact that for a couple of cycles now, he's coming up short. Disturbing. Is it that our new facilities aren't ready yet? That we've had good recruiting assistants go on to bigger things? His drop foot?  Matta has just seemed to lose his recruiting spark, and I wonder why...

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How has he come up short? Last year he didn't anticipate Sibert AND Witherspoon transferring until late so we couldn't cast a wide net. Last years frosh class was a top 5 group (Thompson Williams Ross Scott McDonald) and we have Loving and Williams committed this year (both top 50 guys) and will add one more player at least. 

I think Thad has earned the right to be trusted. Until the on court product falls apart, trust the man who brought OSU bball back and hasn't had less than 20 wins in a season at Butler, Xavier, or OSU

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I agree, that's one thing I'm trying to keep in mind. We're still poised for a very good season, and Thad has done nothing but win. Thanks for the reality check!  That said, I'm just getting nervous that it seems he's losing a lot of these head to head battles on kids he's been in on, going back to Tony Parker last year. This will probably be the second class in a row that doesn't feature any McDonald's all-Americans. And THAT'S something of uncharted waters for Thad. Couple that with Crean is ON FIRE and count me as troubled. 

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Agreed Alex...let's let the season play out before we call it a season !




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Well, I wasn't thinking this season would reflect it. More like a season or two in the future before we notice the effects of Thad's trouble reloading. 

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BBall recruiting is very different from football

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As I've said before, Matta's ability to keep the Buckeyes near the top alongside a revived Indiana is an open question. He's not going to be getting the Odens, Conleys, and Thomases any more, and having a Top 5 recruit coming out of Columbus as Sully did isn't something we can count on happening too often.

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Im hoping we can get Nigel Hayes in Scarlet and Gray

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Hayes picked Wisky today.