Nate Silver Looks at TV Sets and Fandom As it Relates to Expansion

November 19, 2012 at 2:34p    by Jason Priestas    


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Adds credence to the idea that this is all a big play to get Notre Dame and Texas. Put Notre Dame and Texas in the B1G conference and that's a combined fan base that can set any rules it wants.

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I'm sorry, but I think Texas is much less likely than ND to join the B1G. Is Oklahoma an AAU member? I wouldn't mind them in the B1G.



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Also, this comment should be read as a relative disclaimer to this article:

"Well, the problem with this data is that its'...Simply unscientific.
The only accurate way to post this data is polling with supporting merchandising/profitability/attendance anecdotal supporting data. This was done by ESPN and Harris polling, though slightly old, and the results were far more common sense and realistic.
Nov. 17, 2004
NOTRE DAME, Ind. - A recent survey by The Harris Poll® of a nationwide cross section of adults has confirmed what one survey earlier this year by ESPN -- The Fighting Irish of Notre Dame are the most popular college football team in the nation among adults in the United States.
The 2004 survey, released Nov. 12, continues a long-standing trend. Notre has been America's favorite college football team every year since The Harris Poll® first started asking this question in 1997 (with the exception of 2000 and 2001 as Harris Interactive® did not poll on this topic during these years). They are followed by Ohio State, which for the first time unseats Florida State for the number two spot, while Florida State, which has been second for the past seven years, drops precipitously out of the top 10.
These are some of the results of an online survey conducted by Harris Interactive between October 20 and 25, 2004 among a nationwide cross section of 2,114 U.S. adults of whom 789 say they follow college football. While interest in college football was on the rise in the late 1990s, this year it holds steady as 35 percent of U.S. adults report following college football - virtually the same as the last two years. Its popularity is highest among men and southerners.
2004 Rank
1. Notre Dame
2. Ohio State
3. Michigan
4. Texas
5. Penn State
6. LSU
7. USC
8. Wisconsin
9. Tennessee
10. Maryland
Harris polling data, as stated, was supported by an ESPN poll almost exactly.
RUTGERS?!? BC at or near the top of ACC in popularity? Come on, those are absurd. Also, college football is followed by approx 35% of adults in this country, by same poll"

Also, since that poll, I'd argue that Wisconsin, Tennessee, and Maryland's stock have fallen; while Alabama, Florida, Oklahoma, and even USC's stock have risen since this.

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Man, I feel bad for Wake Forest. According to this article, they have only 149,000 total fans. OSU has 3 million more fans than Wake. Those poor Demon Deacons (whatever the heck that is). 

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I posted this link in an earlier thread today, having remembered it from last year, but did not notice Nate Silver was responsible for the research behind it. The guy is a genius. (I hadn't heard of Nate Silver until this year's presidential election.)

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Silver is the man.  He referred to Rutgers as a "middling target" for the B1G in college football's version of Game of Thrones.
Nice job, Delaney.