Louisville to the ACC

November 28, 2012 at 9:46a    by Jason Priestas    


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Looks like UC is left in the cold and is to stuck with life in a crappy Big East. 

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HaHa Cincy!  Have fun playing nobody.

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Cincy and UConn will both agree to join the ACC within the next two years.
Delany and Slive already have eyes on current ACC schools and the ACC is in no position to stop them.

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strong will probably stay at louisville now, a close cardinal  friend of mine just told me. 

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          This part of the article was interesting to me:

The ACC chose Louisville because it had the strongest football program of any available school in addition to an elite basketball program. It also adds a new geographic market. There had been a small amount of resistance heading into the ACC's 7 a.m. call on Wednesday because of the school's low academic profile.

          Strong football, elite basketball, new geographic market > academics
          And there you have what expansion is all about friends. 
 A thought: why hasn't Louisville branded the phrase "Strong Football" or something like that. 

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I posted the exact same thing to hodge a minute ago.  Well , not exactly, but pretty darn close.

3M hoards the KoolAid like Elaine hoards sponges.

(and FitzBuck was clearly the winner)

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great minds think alike.

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"Strong football, elite basketball, new geographic market > academics"

In a conference that's just lost a member, and is trying their damnedest to shore themselves up to ensure that their better members don't start defecting to various other conferences.  Money matters a lot in expansion, but rich, stable leagues like the Big Ten can afford to be picky.  

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Do you think taking Rutgers and Maryland was the B1G being picky? 

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From what was available, yes.  If they were going for a more revenue-generating program in the Atlantic corridor, why not try to score Va. Tech?  Sure, Rutgers and Maryland were invited because of the market potential of their fanbases, I'm just saying that the Big Ten levies additional criterion to the process.  I'm not saying it's right (because with the improvement of academic facilities across the country, a degree is worth almost the same coming from any university), but it is undoubtedly a salient factor in the Big Ten's selection process.

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Plus, the ACC is one of the leaders in baseball.  Oh, wait, my Louisville Slugger analogy fails because college uses metal bats.

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Yeah, the real losers of the day are Cincy and UConn. Both schools should have made bids to flee to the ACC earlier on. Staying with that sinking, burning ship called the Big Least was a huge mistake.

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L'ville to ACC (if it remains intact) makes L'ville a better job than Tennessee. Maybe Strong stays around.

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I can hear the UC fans whining already

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Wow. That didn't take long.