Little Bosa Offered

By Alex on November 6, 2012 at 11:16a

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We have had good success with a family of brothers whose last name starts with "B" any other brothers in middle school or elementary school?

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Let's keep the Bosa pipeline going!

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Good deal. Bring him in too. Looked very good from the little I have witnessed of him.

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I saw him on espn a month or so ago while checking out his big brother and was surprised at how big and athletic he is for a freshman, and it speaks volumes that he starts as a frosh for a nationally elite HS program like STAQ.

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I wouldn't be suprised to see both of them here, with as bullish as big bro is on Ohio State.  Is this the first offer for Ohio State for the class of '16?  Also, is he D-Line?  All I could infer from the article was that he is a defensive player.

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yes he plays DE

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there is a third Heuerman too...loves the Buckeyes :)

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I know there's a game Saturday, and my ass will be there.

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I hope this stops the rumors that Urban isn't going to stick around very long.  I've got a third grader that is pretty fast and has good hands.  He likes the defensive side of the ball better, but he makes good moves in the open field.  Maybe Urbz can get him locked up. 

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If your son can catch any better than CBryant, we'll take him now.

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This seems a little premature.  Not saying the kid won't earn a scholarship but I just don't know why you would be in such a rush.  I know I made fun of other schools when they offered freshmen so I won't be above it here when the Buckeyes do it haha
They haven't offered any 2014 QBs but they already offered someone for 2016? 

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I kind of agree although he has performed at a high level already this year.  Also it may not be committable and is more a sign of the coaches planting the seed early on saying, we are excited to have your brother and we'd love to have you come join him.  Hard to say too many freshmen have deserved an offer, but if there is a scenario where it seems okay, this is it.

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Don't forget some of the big names to come out of St. Thomas-Aquinas(starting with Brian Piccolo).
Getting our foot back in that door will pay huge dividends for the future of Florida recruiting !




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I thought for a second there you were gonna say "Duron Carter"

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HAHAHAHAHAA....OH that's rich NOVA Buck !
No, thinking more on the lines of Nate Salley, Micheal Irvin, Major Wright etc...




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I was amazed by this kid's play, then they said that he was a freshman, and all I could think of was "Holy crap ESPN, you just blew my mind."

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For those that are questioning an offer to a HS freshman let me remind you that projecting a young skilled position prospect (QB/RB/WR/DB) is more difficult than say an OL/DE/DL. This 15 yr. old kid is already big and strong and most importantly plays full throttle, barring a bad injury this kid will end up being a 5* senior recruit as a DE or ultra quick DT, Urban knows what he's doing.

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I realize offers now for a freshman in high school are pretty much meaningless, but why make them at all?  This is like basketball programs offering 14 year olds, it just doesn't make sense to me.  Joey Bosa will be here.  Urban will be here.  Ohio State will be very good.  Do they really need to offer him now to be sure and lock him up later?  I don't think so. 

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It isn't needed, but it certainly doesn't hurt and being the first or one of the first to offer is a big deal.  I wasn't a DI prospect, but I still remember my first college acceptance letter very fondly and even though I didn't go there, it has made me like that school more than I otherwise would have.

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the article also said that he has 10 tackles for loss, in the last 3 games.  based on his genetics, kid is going to be a freak so you might as well get a good relationship established with him.  i dont know about you guys but i would be soo excited to get any offer as a freshman, let a lone an offer from our bucks!  lock him up!

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does this mean we are starting up a 2016 list of offered prospects? I am all for it..... The more news, the better, even though his name may be the only one on there for a while

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I'm for it! Hopefully, this kid is just as good as his brother (if not better) and if (big if) Joey stays all four years he might get to play on the same college team as little bro. 
That would be pretty awesome.

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Freshman shouldn't be offered...unless it's Joey Bosa's brother of course. Seriously though - it will be a good thing if Joey turns out to be the player we all think he'll be at OSU then right as his OSU career is winding down - here comes little brother to fill the spot. I really am against offering this early but to an extent, as others have said, this one would make some sense.

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Does anyone know if he starts for Aquinas? If he does for a true freshman that says a lot about what kind of football player he's gonna be.

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yea they said he starts at de.... im not against offering him at all, i think like rdubs said its like planting the seed, best way i can put it is i dont see how any bad can come of this

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Didn't Lane Kiffin offer Eric Berry's 10 year old brother a scholly at Tenn when Berry left UT?

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Love planting the seed early....may be he'll be able to do this soon;-)

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Closest thing to a highlights is the highlights from this year's game vs Don Bosco.  I believe Nick  Bosa is #91 and Joey is #97.
Confirmed Nick is #91, check out the tackle at 6:22.

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Interesting, I didn't know St. Thomas Aquinas played in Piccolo Staidum, named after Brian Piccolo RIP.

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Bosa is my favorite recruit of 2013 and if his younger brother has even a little bit of the drive and work ethic I've seen from Joey the kid is going to be a beast. This is also going to help open a pipeline to one of the premier high school programs in Florida. 

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I just hate the idea of offering Freshmen and even Sophomores in highschool.  SO much can happen in 2 years.  Plus, the recruiting cycle already is out of control.  Think of how many guys we will be calling out over their 4 years in high school because they change their mind.  Some thought Anzalone was a drama queen.  I can't imagine what they'll think when a 14 year old kid changes his minds 3 or 4 times.  Then the tweets directed at 14 year olds will be insane too.  

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Very good points. The first time I hear of a guy hate-tweeting a 14 year old kid, I'll probably vomit - then I might stop following CFB in general... Not really - but that would be a bad situation nonetheless.

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Thinking of the downside risk... Can he c
Verbally commit? If so would we honor his scholarship if he had a career ending injury?

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It's incredibly unlikely that he would commit this year, and the offer is likely not committable until later regardless

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Lil Bosa got manhandled by a huge O-lineman early in the video.  All the same, he looks talented - had some good tackles.  Now bulk up and get on up here to be a Buckeye in 4 years!

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He got manhandled a lot haha. Point is, he shows great instincts, so when he gets physically comparable to the rest of the guys on the field, he'll be as good if not better than Joey