Kenjon Barner, Oregon Rip USC 62-51

By Jason Priestas on November 3, 2012 at 11:20p

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LadyBuck's picture

This was a fun game to watch. Oregon's offense is something to behold. Their D is scarier than ours ever was.

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It'd be nice to see the Ducks play for the NC, and a helluva lot more fun than last year's SEC West Championship Game, Part Deux.

"The revolution will be televised."

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Oregon doesn't posses a championship type defense, but their offense is the real deal. Oregon is my # 3 team in the country, behind Bama and K-State.  I think Oregon would blow Notre Lame back to the 1940's.
Recall Kenjon Barner having a solid game as a freshman vs Ohio State in the Rose Bowl, he owned L.A. last night.

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I think the clock starts ticking with Kiffin after this one. I know that Oregon is talented, but this was his team to win with for a while (does Redd come back next year? WRs?) and he's staring at possibly four or five defeats w/o significant injuries. Look out for the dreaded vote of confidence from Pat Haden.

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I think Oregon would blast K-State as well. Oregon vs Bama is the matchup I want to see. Explosive offense vs stingy #1 rated defense!!

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Oregon would get beat down in a title game.  A championship caliber team doesn't allow 50+ points. 

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I would argue that Alabama's defense isn't what it was hyped to be. They just gave up ~290 passing yards to Zach Mettenberger and over 100 yards rushing to that Hill kid. I honestly think Oregon would just gas Alabama. As much as Alabama has great athletes on defense, no one in the country has the horses to run with Oregon. 

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Yea you know this also reminds me that if I'm not mistaken Saban's linebackers are usually pretty big guys, so the defense isn't really built to handle a fast up-tempo spread attack.  They'll be toasted by that West Coast speed.

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Have you been watching Oregon play?? This team has some serious talent!! That fast paced offense is nothing to sneeze at! Saying they would get beat down is ridiculous...

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BT, I think that game simply has to happen for us to find out.  I'm also skeptical that Oregon can actually get it done against a top-flight front 4 or front 7 simply because Chip Kelly's teams haven't done it when given the chance.  But USC has a very fast and physical defensive front, and they were 2-3 steps behind Barner, and could not figure out what Oregon was doing.
Alabama would have to do what Auburn or LSU did in their games against Oregon, and that's rely on critical turnovers.  But I could see Oregon going up 22-0 in the first five minutes of a game against Alabama and no one would be that surprised.

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Auburn got torched regularly on defense, I thought it would catch up to them.  As long as Oregon's defense is able to get the occasional turnover and is capable of stopping a good offense every now and again they will be fine.  With an offense like that and it is better than ever before.  

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I think Barner returned another kick to midfield or so against our 2010 team last night too.

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Barner ran for 320 yards.  I saw a stat that said he got 270 yards before contact.  That's some downright dominant offensive line play.