How Slippery Was the Court on the USS Yorktown?

By Jason Priestas on November 10, 2012 at 6:30a

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I just think it's funny that the Navy can land airplanes on that deck, but it's unsafe to play basketball.
Couldn't they have played backups and called it an exhibition for the troops?  Or heck, let the troops play a pickup game so the college kids could watch the military personnel take the risks for them (something both sides are used to doing anyway)...

Real fans stay for Carmen.

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Airplanes don't land on a highly polished wooden floor. Sacrificing any student athlete would have been criminal. They made the right choice NOT to play. 

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I'm just saying that if you're there to honor the military (in your camouflage uniforms), try to find a way to honor the military.

Real fans stay for Carmen.

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That was a well-conceived comment

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They did honor the military.  I watched Aaron Craft talk with every single one of the wounded warriors sitting courtside on my corner of the court.  Class act right there