Holy Buckeye Turns 10

By Jason Priestas on November 9, 2012 at 8:50a

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In my living room as usual, on my knees in front of the TV, fingers crossed and eyes closed. I didn't open them until "Holy Buckeye"

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In my living room, by myself about to walk away and shut it off disgusted when...BAM. I could kiss you Michael Jenkins! I jumped around and danced, realized I had no one to high five or hug. Called every Buckeye fan I knew for the next hour.

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My cousin's living room in Madison, Ohio.  It'd been a dreadful game and we were thisclose to seeing it all go away.  Screamed "Run, you idiot, run!!!" until I saw the ball leave Krenzel's hands, then started running around like crazy after watching Jenkins cradle the ball for the TD.  That year was full of cardiac arrest moments.  None moreso than the day "Holy Buckeye!" was carved into Ohio State football lore.

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That year, I was studying Kung Fu on Saturday afternoons, and had been watching the game on the Rec Center's little 20 inch for the majority of the afternoon.  I was on the way home, listening to Paul Keels' broadcast when he called that play, I just remember getting chills and screaming, lots and lots of screaming.

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In the Purdue's alumni section. Was my first ever Buckeye game. I was going to college in Indiana and one of my roommates friends came down and offered us tickets for free, not knowing that I was a die hard fan.
I was in Buckeye gear head to toe and was getting harassed pretty bad up until that play.
Then one of the guys behind me turned me around, pointed his finger in my face and said: "You better win that F&*&*IN National Championship".
Great game.

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Hard to believe it's been a decade. I honestly don't remember what I was doing. 2002 was such a blur. ;_;

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Watching at my house. Praying for a miracle. Prayers come true sometimes...

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At the game with end zone seats, Mike jenkins running straight toward my section on "holy buckeye".  Seems like it was yesterday.

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Was Krenzel 4 of 6 passing prior to that throw? Thought I saw that stat on a replay. It may have been pieced together and not in the context. But then again it was indeed TressellBall.

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Even TressellBall wasn't that conservative.  The stats 4 for 6 passing was just for passes on 3rd down.

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Home from OSU at my moms place near Lima. She was in the kitchen cooking dinner and had the crap scared out of her when my dad and I went absolutely bananas screaming and jumping around the living room. Memory I will never forget. RIP Dad.

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i was 17 years old and had a dilemma that day either go to work or watch the ohio state game. now its a big thing for a kid to get a job and have a little money in their pockets. Needless to say I stayed at home to watch the Ohio State game lol. My boss called me asked where I was. I told her that I was watching the game and she threatened to fire me if I didnt show up to work. I told her that I quit. I had my priorities in order at such a young age. lol I mean what monster would ask you to work during an ohio state game? I hate you Wendy's lol Go Bucks

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Sitting with all of our friends, head down on bar, not even able to finish the beer in front of us without gagging... until this play!


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Sitting in the parking lot of a strip club, getting ready to go in for my friends 18th birthday, listening on the radio. I spilled a can of Natty Light all over myself.

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This wins the internet for today. Randomest memory of that play, without a doubt. Love the Natty Light addition.

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Underage drinking?! *GASP*
Oh wait, Natty Light?  Thats just colored water anyway ;-)

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I prefer Monty Python's age old quote:

"American beer is like sex on a rowboat, it's f*cking close to water."

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Missed the first half playing golf on the ocean course @ Sea Pines on Hilton Head, SC.  Watched the second half and the miracle that is "Holy Buckeye" with my golfing buddies from the beach house we were staying in. 

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150 feet from Mr. Jenkins. My best friend is a Purdue alum and each year we visited the other when our teams traveled there. Visitor supplied the booze, host supplied the tickets. My buddy was a university bookstore employee so had an "Anywhere" pass to the stadium. Naturally I started the game in the heart of a Purdue section with some choice seats at the 50. Second Q rolled around and the actual owners of those tickets showed up so I moved towards the endzone and parked at the thirty for the end of the second and third Q. Finally got tired of the Purdue heckling so I joined the majority of Buckeye fans that went to that game and found some great seats in the endzone next to a couple of students I happened to have a class with. There was surprisingly little panic in that game and the guy a row in front of me correctly called the touchdown. OSU sort of rushed to the line and he said, almost screamed really "Jenkins deep". I immediately thought "This guy is an id...." and couldn't get the thought out because the ball was already in the air. I watched it from a near straight on angle-it was as if the ball and #12 were going to land in my lap.
A few years later, same friend was on his last call at Purdue and I went down to visit him. He had made friends with an ex Purdue player (Kevin Nesfield) who was there doing some grad work. When I met him (the mountain of a man that he was), he asked me where I went to school and I told him OSU-he informed me that he was the guy who was about .5 seconds too late on getting to Krenzel. He actually was kind of a dick to me the rest of the evening, as if I had something to do with it.

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You DID have something to do with it.  You are a Buckeye.  That is something he will never be and he knows it.  And it must really piss him off.
Haters gonna hate.

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Sitting in my apt. in college on pins and needles just hoping they'd pull it out.  I remember saying when I saw it'd be a pass "NO NO NO" immediately followed by "YES YES YES!"  Not 2 minutes later my 75 year old grandmother called to celebrate with me. 

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I was 15 years old at the time at home watching the game with my Dad. I was never scared more for my life than during this play.

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In my college dorm room in Texas. ABC switched over only a few minutes before that drive started. Up until that point, I was agonizing while having to follow the play-by-play on my computer. When Krenzel threw that ball, my heart leaped out of my chest and when Jenkins softly brought it in, I went ape-s***.

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I was in my second year of law school in NYC and was at the original Blondies on the UWS which was an all Big Ten bar back then but always got a large number of Buckeyes for the games. People started dancing on tables and hugging each other when Jenkins caught it. I'll never forget the euphoria. My parents were in town from Ohio and my roommate (a fellow Buckeye) was also with me. To this day, I still go to Blondies (don't call it Mannys) and I've been going there every season since. Some of my best memories (what I can actually remember) and friendships were developed there and it all started with Holy Buckeye.

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Steeb Hall, sixth floor.


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I was in a hotel room in Somerset, PA trying (unsuccessfully) not to wake up my sleeping wife.  Good memory...

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Watching the game with a PSU fan in my living room, who was reveling all game at our team's ineptitude that day.  By the 4th quarter, he was gleeful.   And then ........ ;-)
After the play and my initial scream, I turned to catch a glimpse of my friend, as he was storming out the door.  He was soooo pissed.  It was absolutely beautiful!!!

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I missed the game entirely.
In Cleveland meeting my girlfriend's (now wife) extended family for the first time.  Assumed we were destroying them the whole game.  Got in the car to go back to where we were staying and turned the radio on to hear the replay of the "Holy Buckeye" play.
In my 4 years as a student I missed viewing 2 games; Freshman (sold ticket because my friend was getting married too young and I had to be there) and Sophmore year Purdue.  I feel somehow this friend's now defunct marriage has cursed Ohio State vs. Purdue for eternity.

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At home, screaming my head off.  I immediately called my cousin who is also a big Buckeye fan and we screamed on the phone together.

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In my dad's living room.  Both of us screaming, jumping and hugging.  With an awkward white guy high five sprinkled in.  Pure bliss.

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first part of the game, watching the ohio D1 state water polo final (ironically held at OSU).
tried desperately to make it home for the end, but ended up hearing paul keels and his golden pipes call holy buckeye on the radio at the kenny-ackerman intersection.

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Was at a friends house deep frying a turkey with plenty of Coors Light.

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Sophomore year. In the stands trying not to have a heart attack. What a brilliant play call.
I played against Michael Jenkins in pick up basketball several times , dude is a great guy and very down to earth.

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Acutally missed Jenkins haul in the catch because a guy in my house stood up right in front of me as it happened.  We all still erupted in mass hysteria, though.  Good times.

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Watching at home with my parents.
My reaction to this play was eerily similar to that of the "Holy Buckeye II" Brax had last year vs. Wisky.
"No No No No......YES YES HELL YES!"

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Sitting with my friend and his fiance, nervous and on the verge of a stroke. When the pass went up, my phrase was "OMG NOOOOOO," until 2 seconds later when everything was ok.

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Hung over in Bowling Green at my friends apartment. What an amazing finish.

Dustin Fox was our leading tackler as a corner.... because his guy always caught the ball.

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I was there - and sitting in the opposite frigging end zone, wouldn't ya know. . .

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Yelling and fist pumping with 10 buckeye fans in Huber Hts. Ohio.
Our great friend who is a long time Shitigan fan always had us over on Saturday for brew and cannonballs. His basement had 6 TVs and pool table, darts, and Foosball.
He needled us all season, but holy F'n Buckeye was a defining moment in that season that was destine for greatness!

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