Bucks Fall in Hoops AP Poll

By Alex on November 26, 2012 at 1:18p

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Makes sense as both teams have been more impressive, especially Duke. Wins over Louisville, Minnesota, VCU and Kentucky during the first 2 weeks of the season? That's ridiculous.

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Duke's win over Louisville was without Gorgui Deng (spelling?) so take it fwiw.

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just looking at *ichigan's schedule...have they done anything to jump tOSU? and yes, as long as we beat the dookies, all will be right in the world

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Just saying, look at our schedule. Who have we beaten to say someone doesn't deserve to jump over us? Also, we haven't exactly looked like world-beaters against any of them.
And yeah, hopefully we'll beat Duke and move up again. Luckily, rankings don't mean shit in college basketball other than being something to argue about.

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Actually, I would say that OSU looked pretty damn good on Friday, regardless of their opponent. They played ridiculous defense and selfless offense in the first half, when Shannon Scott had 7 assists. I think Sam Thompson had a block, a steal, and a ridiculous lose ball save in the first 3 minutes of the game.
Crappy opponent, but like I said in previous threads, this team will grow tougher and tougher as the season goes on when they finally start to mesh. Friday looked like the meshing has started sooner than later. Hopefully this continues, and the Bucks can take down Duke at home.

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I know they looked really good in that one game, but they've looked pretty damn average in every other game. Keep in mind that I've been a doubter of this team from the beginning, so I'm a bit biased. Hopefully they'll beat Duke to prove me wrong.
I too think they're going to look like a completely different team when the end of the season arrives. Right now, at this moment, they're just "pretty good".

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I think Duke should be #1 as well, but OSU hasn't looked "pretty damn average." They've won every game by double digits. It's not like there's anything else they could do..

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Pitt and Kansas State are both far better teams than any team we have played thus far. While I won't go as far to say Michigan is better than us, they have proven more thus far than we have. Duke will be a serious test for our boys and thats when we'll see what this team is made of

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I agree with Duke jumping us - they have two very impressive wins (Louisville and Kentucky). 
I don't agree with TSUN jumping us.  Pitt and K-State are respectable but not enough to put them over us. 

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With what I said earlier though what is great about college hoops is the polls dont matter as long as you are in the top 68!

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you want an even more eggregious offense? tOSU at 11. but i'm with Nick on this one

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I dont have a problem with it; Mich and Duke both had better wins this week than OSU.    It just doesnt mean a whole lot at this point. While Id love to get a nice win at Duke,  Im more concerned with seeing the team develop and hit its stride in March.  

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Just win, and everything else will sort itself out.

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I'm fine with this. Duke will be our real first test. If we beat them, then we should move up. If not, well that's the beauty of basketball -the season is long.
Edit: Actually, I'm an advocate for Duke jumping Clappy the Clown and his team as #1. They've proven the most out of any team in the country by far. 

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It's reasonable for there to be plenty of poll movement early in the season, as the meaningless preseason rankings become overtaken by actual evidence.
A win over Duke will look a lot more impressive now than it would have three weeks ago.

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Like Virginia Commonwealth and other Bracket Busters before them have proven, Basketball rankings don't mean a damn thing.  Me personally, I don't care about what the Buckeyes are ranked until the 2nd week of March.  Then I'll bitch if they aren't ranked what they should be.