Buckeyes Remain 4th in AP Poll

By Jason Priestas on November 25, 2012 at 1:07p

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Not shocking unfortunately.  Even if we were to beat Nebraska again next week I doubt we'd even get an opportunity at the title game over ND and Alabama and that is ludicrous.

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Josh Kendall, for a second week in a row, displays his idiocy.  Hell, even the writer from Ann Arbor ranked the Buckeyes #2.  Do I think that the Buckeyes deserve to be #1-No, but they sure as hell deserve to be in the Top 5.

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Funny to compare AP votes on the 2012 Bowl ineligible Ohio State and how they are treated from 2011 Bowl ineligible 2-loss (Arizona State and Stanford) Southern Cal.  Laughable......
Here's 2011 2 loss Southern Cal's probation team final AP vote:

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I know that I'm beating a dead horse, but even our "friends" in the South are laughing at Kendall.
Saturday Down South - http://www.saturdaydownsouth.com/sec-football-news/

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It's almost as much a dis to Florida and Oregon as it is to Ohio State. What have Alabama and Georgia done that places them ahead of the Gators and Ducks?
OSU at least is 12-0, and obviously should be #2 this week on the merits of that achievement.

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Well Georgia deserves to be ahead of Florida for sure due to head to head.

I'd have ND, OSU, Georgia(beat UF), Florida, Alabama, Oregon

Then whoever wins the SEC goes to championship. I'd have Bama jump to 3 with a win and have them jump Florida. My thinking is Florida deserves to be ahead now but if Bama wins SEC they get that extra win and took care of business against Georgia, who beat UF for that division.

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Georgia lost 35-7 to S. Carolina. That's ass-whippin territory. That to me, puts them out of the top 5. At this point, I think Florida would beat UGA if they played today.



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Yeah, maybe.

I just can't justify putting Georgia behind Florida. Especially since they beat Florida head to head on the field.

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Bama and Oregon losses I'd say are pretty equal with Bama having a more impressive win over LSU compared to the Ducks win over SC. I'd give Georgia edge in polls over Oregon due to beating Florida.over

Polls get confusing to me. Putting teams in order is hard for me because I feel individual matchups could be different.

ND and OSU clear 1 and 2 for me... But then...

I'd pick Oregon over Georgia

would pick Bama over Oregon.

Id pick Georgia over Florida

Florida over Oregon.

Florida over Bama

Id pick Bama over Georgia.

That's how i feel about individual matchups and i really can't figure out who to rank in what order based off that.

So polls with a strict order for.me this week is what I mentioned above.

Georgia gets 3rd because they beat Florida head to head, but I feel Florida is better than Bama. But I also feel Bama is better then Georgia. So what I do is I either have to put Bama ahead of a Georgia or after a Florida.

It all gets confusing.to me in my head

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Just be thankful Florida didn't jump us. No joke, I assumed they would.

The most "loud mouth, disrespect" poster on 11W.

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Theres one thing that isnt subjective and that matters more than some poll... 12-0...nothing can change that

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There is a rumor going round that there is this radically new system called a playoff? I hope I spelled that right...anyway I guess teams just play each other on the field to decide who's the best

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Such a RADICAL idea. So much change. How will the country handle this "play - off"??!! 

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If they don't win it, Meyer will use it to motivate the team for the next year.

"YOLO" = I'm about to do something extremely ignorant/stupid & I need an excuse to do it.

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You know this is fine go ahead and snub this team this year. There are many players coming back that will remember this (Urban included) and can't wait to give you a big "FUCK YOU" when they win a title

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Ohio State is #1.  If you think otherwise, prove it.