Auburn Fires Chizik

By Jason Priestas on November 25, 2012 at 2:16p

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Everyone will blindly say oh he only won that one year because he had Cam Newton....  Having watched Auburn pretty closely past 4 seasons (his career) I think that's a ridiculous statement, I really think that they did pretty well the other seasons with the talent and experience they had (last year they were one of the 5 least experienced teams in the country and managed 8-5).  I simply don't understand why he didn't replace Gus Malzahn with a like-minded offensive coordinator.  In my opinion that's what did him in, huge coaching staff transition and a relatively young team.  All I can think is that there's a 'Sabanization' affect happening in the SEC, so he wanted to go pro-style...bad move.

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Chizik is also a terrible head coach and has a .500 record as such.

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Kentucky, Tennessee, Auburn and Arkansas..... almost 30% of the SEC is a victim of "Sabanization" 

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Yeah, I have a theory that the bottom-feeders of major conferences should be running spread-style offenses. There's a good reason the big boys play pro-set--they can recruit at every position. Teams like Colorado, Boston College, Kansas, and Kentucky can't possibly compete unless they have a schematic advantage to level the playing field.

Note: I'm including OSU as a pseudo-spread, as our formations are basically just cleverly-disguised power-I runs.

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come ooooon grey boxes on Auburn flips!

~Because we couldn't go for three~

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24-38 without Scam.

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Either Auburn did him a favor or the NCAA is looking at Gene Chizik.

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Chizik was quoted as saying, "Karma is a bitch!"

An angry fan...rooting for an angry team...led by angry coaches

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Heard Nick Saban has agreed to a 5 year / 50 million dollar contract