ACC Sues Maryland Over $50 Million Exit Fee

By Jason Priestas on November 27, 2012 at 5:10p

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Hopefully they can't afford the buyout.  The ACC can keep 'em.

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They already said they could but would prefer to lower / not pay it.

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I'm going to put it nicely, but this is a completely ignorant stance. I agree with a lot of the stuff you post Doc, but not this. There is plenty for the B1G to gain from UMD, especially in money, recruiting, academics, basketball and non-revenue sports. Also John Swofford is a Tarheel McAsshole, anything that hurts that douchenozzles image is fine by me. 

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fwiw Delany is a tarheel as well. Also don't know who down voted Doc but you really shouldn't down vote because of differing opinions. I view the down vote for a comment that is out of line and shouldn't have been made (trolling).

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I know that Delany is a Tarhole as well. However, Swofford has essentially told the entire ACC outside of Duke/UNC that they can eff off. He's hated by most of the ACC outside of Tobacco Road. While the ACC has experienced success under Swofford, many teams have felt slighted by his policies and acts, and for good reason. 
Edit: I didn't downvote Doc for what it's worth.

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Ah ok, well that is fine for me and the B1G if the ACC is not on a solid foundation with a trusted leader. I'm sure FSU will be watching closely (maybe secretly helping) UM with that buyout clause. Will be interesting what the courts say (assuming they try to get the venue to a neutral ground) with a buyout clause that was basically forced onto them by the other member schools. I could see them paying the original 20 million, though. 

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I see Maryland paying the original $20 million, but I highly doubt they'll be forced to pay the new $50 million buyout. I'm surprised that NC State voted in favor of the buyout raise as well. 

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Isn't it sort of known that the Under Armour CEO will pay it?

Dustin Fox was our leading tackler as a corner.... because his guy always caught the ball.

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Is his alma mater Maryland?

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Yes he was a walk-on for the football team

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He also cashed out ~65 MM worth of stock.
That was on November 13th.  Don't be shocked if he doesn't pay ALL of it.  Was probably also a pre-emptive move due to Bush Era Tax Cuts ending on 12/31.  Capital Gains tax will rise then.

Help is on the way.

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Rapping Bum, financial advisor.

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hahahahaaaa!!! oh man, the rappin' bum. that guy was LOADED! I remember a friend of mine dumping $bills into his cup as he followed us up High St. one night. He just kept payin' and Rappin Bum kept rapping. Then when we got where we were going, Rappin Bum walked down the street, Frambes I believe it was, and hopped in his fairly new BMW.hahaa. 
+500 helmet stickers for Rapping Bum reference. 


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Was the "rapping bum" the same guy as the "help is on the way" bum?

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