Watch Out For Counterfeit OSU/Nebraska Tickets

October 2, 2012 at 10:55a    by Ramzy Nasrallah    


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Probably good to mention, I'll bet Nebraska pulls in a big crowd.  I wish their school colors didn't blend in so well with scarlet and grey so it would be easier to see them in the 'Shoe.

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Nebraska always brings in a huge crowd wherever they go. Expect them to be very loud.

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I will be PISSED if the four I bought turn out to be counterfeit.  Not too worried though, I bought them from the 11W link to TiqIQ and got them over a month ago.

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Thank goodness for student tickets, I snagged a Block O North ticket for a little over $100 (which was a deal compared to what other people were asking for)
It'd be such a bummer to buy counterfeit tickets. Someone I know had that happen to them and they still let them in but they had to stand the entire time.

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Got tickets for the Illinois game via StubHub. Not too worried as they appear legit, but never good to see things like this.

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You shouldn't have any problem on stub hub. They guarentee they will be valid for entry.

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Just a heads up...on Stub-Hub there has been a huge price drop since it is closer to the game. Starting at $70. When i got mine for the UAB game, at the time there were no group of 2 tickets for the Nebraska game below like $275. I'm mad i didn't plan a trip up this weekend then.

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I actually went through the official ticket exchange on ticketmaster, because they were the cheapest(!) this week.  Not worried at all.

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