Vegas Sports Book Releases NCAA Basketball National Title Odds

By Jason Priestas on October 16, 2012 at 11:41p

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Just to hedge and mitigate what I presume will be pure, unadulterated, violent anger next April.... I'll put $100 on Kentucky at 7-1. 

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I'm not high on UK at all.  I know he's got another HUGE recruiting class, but they lost every bit of experience they had in Miller, Lamb, and Jones too.  They may be a good team again, but they will not win it all again this year.  I'd put that 100 on U of L.  They are LOADED.  Same awesome defense as last year, but they added a couple of shooters.  That team with a consistent 3 point threat is going to be nasty. 

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BT, your Cincy is showing ;)  I knew what UofL you were speaking of, but my Cincy shows too.
My favorite Louisville joke is this.  How do you pronounce the state capital of Kentucky?  Is it Lou-E-vill or Lullval?                The capital of KY is Frankfurt.
I know the jke loses something in the written form, but still a funny one.

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I like that joke too.  I remember hearing it in school when I was in 4th ot 5th grade and everytime I saw an adult I would tell it trying to stump them!  I have a lot of friends that went there, and they always call it UofL.  To me it's their way of differentiating themselves, kind of like us with THE Ohio State University.

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I am a Kentuckian, though, that can't say Louisville the way the natives do lol.  I just can't get it out of my mouth the way they do, to me it is LouEEville.

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Indiana might be the most overrated preseason number 1 in my life time.

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Do not want to see Crean win anything. His face makes my fist twitch.

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No Nebraska hoops on that list?  Shocking..

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