Umberger to Serve as Volunteer Coach for Buckeyes

By Jason Priestas on October 9, 2012 at 4:38p

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I'm sure the current Buckeyes will enjoy his tuteledge.  To me the best thing to come out of the lock out is NO hockey!  That sport is like watching paint dry. Please take no offense if you are a hockey fan.  I would rather watch hockey in person than on tv, but both are boring as hell.  JMHO

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Hockey is actually completely awesome.  Baseball is boring; golf is boring.  Hockey is exciting.  Hockey is one of the few sports remaining where normally-sized people can still play (e.g., Danny Briere is 5'10", 180).  Hockey players are not nancyboys, and the Stanley Cup is easily the best trophy in all of sports.  Oh, and Wayne Gretzky is ridiculous.  It's also nice that role players really do have a significant role.
I honestly can't understand how people who like sports don't like hockey.  Well, I exaggerate some for effect—but seriously, it's one of the best and most entertaining sports.  I suppose the Bluejackets probably haven't endeared anyone to hockey in their tenure there, and the clutch-and-grab trap hockey of the mid-to-late 90s wasn't nearly as entertaining...but really, it's a great game.  While OSU football takes precedence over everything sports-related to me, the game of hockey is generally a better game than football.
EDIT:  I saw Umberger play at OSU.  As a Flyers fan, I was thrilled when we drafted him and super disappointed when we traded him away.

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I think hockey is the most exciting sport to watch, besides nobody makes you watch to say the best thing about the lockout is no hockey is just rude.

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And no offense taken Doc but I am surprised to read that. I love it. It's fast, hard hitting, and the end of the game doesn't take a half hour like hoops, and to less of an extent, football. The passion those guys have to win is second to none. Need proof? Look at their mauled faces. Duncan Keith took a puck to the mouth and lost 6-8 of his front teeth. He missed a period.

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Ahh yes, the magical 2010, Salary Cap killer that was the Blackhawk Stanley Cup! Wonderful year for us hockey types here in the City of Wind. Duncan was a machine that year. Not sure where his play has gone since but he was as good (and tough) as they came.

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I grew up in Cincy watching the Cyclones when they came into being while I was at NKU.  It was fun to go to the Gardens and watch them for about 4.00 a ticket.  Getting drunk and yelling obscenities at the other team.  There was a lot more fights back in the early 90's and that made it fun.  I will go see the Toledo Walleye play once or twice a year and take the rug rats, I typically have fun then as we'll.  I guess my dislike for hockey comes when you watch it on tv. It is hard to follow the puck and to me it is like watching soccer.  Very low scoring.  Never been to an NHL game, so I can't judge that. I got Gordy Howe's autograph once, does that give me any cred?

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Some of the lesser-league hockey can be a lot of fun to watch, though I haven't seen any games in a few years.  
One of my very few sports regrets is not seeing Wayne Gretzky play live.  He retired before I really became a hockey (as opposed to a Flyers) fan.
I saw the CBJ in their inaugural season in Columbus when they played the Flyers.  A buddy bought tickets for us—$12 each I think.  The announcers asked for silence and for us to stand to listen to the national anthem; in the intervening quiet, someone yelled, "LET'S GO FLYERS!"  Not unusual for a Philadelphia sports fan, but nonetheless probably a bit disheartening for the home team.
I find the argument about scoring to be pretty dumb.  The clutch-and-grab game is a boring game; the Devils' perfect trap is a boring game; low scoring affairs can be exceptionally exciting.  Watching Dominik Hasek stop shots is not boring.  (Having a slinky for a spine?  Priceless.)  Brian Boucher's mask save was insane.
You are right, though, that it takes some effort to follow the puck.  Fox used to try to help people with it and only had mixed results.

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Easily my favorite Bluejacket -- great guy, great player.  Can't wait to see what he's able to do with the young Bucks -- we're sure to have a heckuva forecheck...

"The revolution will be televised."

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Normally would be itching for my Bruins right now, but the Bucks are priority #'s 1, 2, and 3 right now for my fandom. Plus, the NHL season is too damn long. I wouldn't mind a 2012 season with a month hacked off.

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Everyday is a great day for hockey.