Phil Steele Likes OSU

By Alex on October 26, 2012 at 1:34p

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Here's to hoping he's right!

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Pundits love to heap praise on PSU whenever they're playing well (especially their annually all-world LBs, sarcasm). However, Boren could be a Butkus finalist by going up against the likes of UVa, Navy, and Temple. The best player in this game (Brax) is on our side, and if our O-line and back seven don't commit too many derps, Steele's prediction might be right on.

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This is pretty close to my 35-24 prediction, so I approve.

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Yup, pretty close to my call of 32-18...though I haven't even been in the right zip code when picking scores this year...

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Pssst...I haven't either...

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sounds like you're both due to be right then

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Take a look at the level of competition PSU has faced so far. This prediction looks about right.

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I was at the Penn State-Illinois game.  Penn State's a solid team fundamentally, but at no point was there a huge "wow" moment.  They grind in the hurry up, which is not what you'd expect.  Like others said, Penn State is a ball control team in the passing game, with the run game used only to make sure the D is honest.  It was the most boring 28 point victory I've ever witnessed.  No real huge plays, no wizardry, just solid football.  Illinois couldn't keep up, but then again Illinois is awful.  I think Ross's assertion that the Buckeyes win by two TDs is achievable, but OSU will HAVE to jump out early.  Happy Valley is not a place to dawdle.

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Very accurate assessment.  They are definitely pesky, and, as others have mentioned before, more times than not, you're going to stop them 4 times to get them off the field because they have no kicking game.

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The football god has spoken.(as in phil steele)

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The Prophecy must be fulfilled!!!!!

"if irony were made of strawberries, we' d all be drinking a lot of smoothies right now."

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Hoping Steele's right about the Buckeyes winning and TSUN getting smacked down by the Cornhuskers.

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Penn State will not go for it on 4th down on their side of the 50 against the Buckeyes. They will not take a chance of giving it to Braxton and Hyde(& others) on a short field.




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That's a really important angle. There are a lot of things that PSU has done in their nice little winning streak that they just can't do against OSU. They absolutley have to make Miller got 70 plus yards each drive. They give him half a field more than 2 or 3 times and this game is over before it starts. OSU is going to kick this team's ass.

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Phil Steele also likes Virginia Tech every    single    year.

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Can't win em all - at least he's right about the Buckeyes.

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Just like every Virginian... I'm seriously tired of hearing the phrase "BeamerBall" which is just a "glorified" version of Tresselball. This year, it's turned into WalrusBall.

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31-20 is too close for my liking. I would welcome 5 weeks of Ohio State curb stomping the remainder of it's schedule. My heart doesn't like nearly busting through its chest every game. Buckeyes winning 49-17 would be great.

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