Ohio State and TCU Announce a Home and Home

By Jason Priestas on October 2, 2012 at 3:12p
They'll meet in Fort Worth in 2018 and then in Columbus in 2019. (twitter.com)
Source: @OSUADAthComm

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kr66osu's picture

Nice. About time we added a new home and home after cancelling Tennessee and Georgia

William's picture

So far out it doesn't even matter. By then neither Meyer or Patterson will be coaching their respective schools in my mind.

Buckeyevstheworld's picture

It's 6 years, not 20.

"YOLO" = I'm about to do something extremely ignorant/stupid & I need an excuse to do it.

William's picture

Exactly. I don't see Meyer coaching in 2018, and I imagine that some school will have offered Patterson an exorbitant contract (Maybe Texas?). I just don't see either of them coaching then. 

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Meyer is only 48.  I'm sure we can squeeze 10 seasons out of him. :)

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Patterson has been the head coach at TCU for 12 years, and was a coordinator before that at TCU.  He's been offered big jobs.  I don't think he's going anywhere.

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I won't lie, I had my suspicions about how genuinely Meyer wanted this job.  I had no doubt that he wanted to return, and that OSU offered him the best place to work, I just always felt like some of his comments have been "too perfect".  Albeit almost like a politician tries to convince every region that he's "their guy".  Now, I knew Meyer has a lot of roots here, but I also felt that he was tied--thorough faith and family--to Notre Dame, as well.  I knew it was in his top three "dream jobs", but I guess I just didn't know if it was really "number one", as it should be for an OSU coach (or at least one that we want to stay more than a few years).  Because of those factors I kind of had the idea that he'd be here for about six to eight years.
Now, maybe it's the kool-aid, or maybe the honeymoon period, but I have the feeling that he's going to have a go at this for a while.  I look at it this way: he's got a kid in high school, and two that are finishing up college, so it won't be long before he's an empty nester; he seems like a genuinely changed man (verdict's still out here, and this will probably hang over him for a while), I mean he looked like a giddy schoolgirl after we beat MSU; he's proven that a life outside coaching doesn't work for him--and effect that will be compounded once his kids leave; and he has no desire to coach in the NFL.  Maybe it's the scarlet-colored blinders, but I think he's here to stay, and I'm wagering he lasts more than ten years.

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I agree with you on the giddy schoolgirl after the Michigan State game. I remember how good it made me feel to see how genuinely happy he was. Compare that to Nick Saban not even cracking a smile after winning the National Championship.

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Hodge, I still don't know how much truth there was to all his comments early on.  Do I believe he came back only because it was  Ohio State?  No, he was ready to start coaching in the spring after he retired.  I do think he loves coaching here though.  He does look recharged out there.  Hell he smiled a lot Saturday after the game.  That doesn't happen all that often. 
I really think he does love it here though.  He loves this team, as we all are really starting to.  This is a great group he is coaching right now.  He does look refreshed and like he has struck that balance.  I'm very interested to see how he reacts the first time a team that is supposed to win or is on the brink of a title doesn't close the deal.  That's what got him at Florida.  Early indications, though, seem like he has found the balance he kept talking about.  If he has indeed, he could be here a good while.  Look at what finding balance did for Coach K.  He could also burn out in 5 years and be ready to go on to the next deal.  I do believe, though, he'll be here in time for this series.

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How many times with the "little sisters of the poor" comment be rehashed?   That would be UFM's 7th year as HC.  I don't think it's impossible.

I know there's a game Saturday, and my ass will be there.

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ESPN already firing shots, no surprise.

The offseason begins when your season ends. Even then there are no days off.

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How? Because of the "poor" in the headline? 1) Gee did indeed say that so we only have our president to blame and 2) if anything its more to start a debate about non-BCS schools and the big boys playing each other. Nothing in that was a shot at OSU.

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Believe me, the worst is yet to come. College Football Live is going to be all over it.

The offseason begins when your season ends. Even then there are no days off.

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I hope this doesn't turn into another CAL situation where we schedule a series when the team is very successful only to have them drop off the map in the years we play them. It's nice to actually have a few non-conf games to look forward to.

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Would prefer a home and home with someone in a better location. I don't think I will be paying to go see them play in Ft Worth.

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Could be a game that ends up at the Cowboys mega stadium.  I'd travel for that.

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Ya, I might go to see the stadium.

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I recommend Denton, TX which isn't too terribly far away. That's where I'll be aside from the actual game if I go.

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I'd like to see them play at TCU though.  I hate when these schools do big non conference games and play at neutral sites.  I want to go play them at their homefield.  I would of liked it if they weren't a BCS school too, but since they are now I like it even more.

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I like this but the concerns of Meyer or Peterson being gone are valid.  So are the thoughts of it beig a Cal situation.
However, as of now, Daddy like!

"Have you earned your buckeye today?"

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I dn't know about Meyer, wouldn't be shocked if he's gone but I think he'll still be around.  I really don't think Patterson is going to be gone unless he retires or gets fired by then.  He's been at TCU a long time. With the success he's had, to be sure he's been offered bigger and better jobs.

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Hopefully this doesn't become another Cal series by the time it rolls around.

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I think it's safe to say no one wants this matchup to be like Cal. Moving on...

The offseason begins when your season ends. Even then there are no days off.

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Exposure to Texas recruits. There are no downsides here. 

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Who cares! Who do we play in 2025?


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TCU will probably be a mediocre opponent that ls not ranked with a new coach while Urban probably retired a year or two before because he got bored here.


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I'll slightly redact my statements above. Meyer may be coaching in the 2018 game as that is the final year of his contract. I honestly think Patterson will be coaching Texas by then.

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I just don't see him leaving TCU.  He's been at that school i some capacity since 1998, and head coach since 2012.  6 of the last 7 years they've won at least 11 games at TCU, and now they are a BCS school so when they play that well they can get recognized for it and not on the outside looking in. He's taken the team to 11 bowls in his 12 years there as head coach.
 I understand Texas is a huge job, but if you look in his past he has no ties to the Longhorns.  He's not from the state of Texas, he's never coached in Austin in any capacity.  I just don't neccessarily think if they offer he'd even leave the situation he has and the program he has built at TCU. Other than the LT years and way back in the 30's TCU is the best the program has ever been.  

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Ol' Gordo better shine up his shoes and straighten that $4K bowtie for this barn-burner!

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Interesting that OSU and TCU could negotiate the home-and-home...didn't TCU and Wisconsin try to do it recently but couldn't come to an agreement?

Class of 2010.

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Big difference between Wisky and Ohio State. I believe that we could schedule I anyone home and home if we wanted to pull the trigger.

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