Nebraska Quick Cals

By Alex on October 10, 2012 at 5:26p

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I'm not gonna lie..that gave me chills.


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A lot better. The yells at the beginning and end are the only thing that really gets me pumped about it still. The quickness of the hand movements in between the first and last yells are still just kind of ehh to me.

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I'm glad to see this legitimately progressing bc I was definitely one of the naysayers when I first heard about it.

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Thats really starting to take shape. I think it's a great thing for the team and the students to set the tone!

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I starting to buy into it.  Got chills as well.

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Haha I've been hearing a lot from people because you can hear me tell someone to move in the video, and later a dad asked me if his son could stand in front of me (which was fine). Other notes, if you look into Block "O" you can see a girl attempt to run into the section near the front without a ticket and a black-shirted bouncer chase after her, then she's escorted out by police.
I stood in that spot for 2.5 hours before the game, not moving (on the west side 15 where the concrete meets the field), because it gave a great shot of the whole stands and I could pan over to the team. Definitely gave me chills since most of the stands were full, unlike the other games. I expect scUM to be the same.

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I didn't watch the video yet but did the Nebraska kickers interrupt?  

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Still think it's kinda lame.
Mainly because of the transitions.
The beggining and end has energy, but the middle lacks. 

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This time it was in front of the South Stands.  Have they moved it?  I thought the early ones were in front of Block O.    This looked cooler.  The noon games early in the season didn't have the same effect.

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It's been in front of the south stands every time this year. Also, there's a Block O in the north and south stands. The noon games weren't as cool because no one is there 20 minutes before kick off.

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Still lame. Nothing will ever beat the hive.

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Comments like this seem so silly. Like, it was fine, but it wasn't that cool. "Nothing will ever beat the hive"? Give me a break. The degree to which people are resistant to change always cracks me up.
Also, just because you liked the hive, doesn't mean you can't also like quick cals.

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This past game was the first time I said after watching it "That was sweet".   I was at the UCF game too and it was kinda lackluster, but it's picking up steam.   Night game atmosphere helped the cause for sure.

I know there's a game Saturday, and my ass will be there.

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Ok, now that I have seen it in person, I can properly give my opinion...
From my view in section 3B, I was underwhelmed.  Lots of noise before and after, and that was good.  But when they are doing all the motions and claps it is SO quiet.  If you didn't know it was happening, you would have no idea.  Also, no one outside of the South Stands and the north Block "O" participated, and it was impossible to participate with the intricate motions outside of the south stands, you just couldn't hear/see what was going on.
In the end, if it gets the students pumped, whatever, but I stand by my original opinion that it will never be as big as the hive. It will never gain the mass appeal around the whole stadium the hive got.  The entire stadium won't stand and cheer like they did for the hive.  It's just the nature of the drill.

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I still think its kinda meh. I was in the AA section of the south stands for the Cal game and it wasnt anything special...