Death to Cupcakes

By Ramzy Nasrallah on October 3, 2012 at 2:20p

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Mmmmm cupcakes

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Sounds good.  It will make Urban's job harder, but he's a big boy.  I'm sure he'll be fine with it.

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I am beyond okay with this.  One loss to a quality opponent will more than make up for four wins against MAC-rificial lambs, at least with a selection committee.  I think it'd be great to play a BCS-calibur team with some semblence of geographical proximity: like a WVU, ND, UL, UC, or even UK (if they ever improve).  The craziest thing, though, is that the scheduling of top-tier programs will either mean one-off neutral site games or home-and-homes: which means for the first time in a decade, Ohio State will be playing its first game away from the horseshoe.

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To push on the UK sentiment, I think we should do a series with UK - football and basketball for a decent length of time, alternating years with home games, and each year one school gets football at home and the other school gets basketball at home. This would help with recruiting for basketball and help bring up our dismal record against the SEC. And I really don't have issue with one MAC school, but playing against other 2nd tier schools need to go away.

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It would be pretty cool, and it would give UK fans that hate Ohio State and give me hell all the time, an actual reason to hate Ohio State since the teams would actually play each other.  I like the idea of a premier matchup, then a 3 against top 50 schools.  Hopefully, it works out premier, a team or two ranked in the bottom teens or 20's and then another BCS conference school like Kentucky.  That way, make it through unscathed you can claim beating 3 BCS conference ranked schools non conference and hopefully by then there will be some quality teams in the B1G.

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I would love to play Kentucky in both basketball and football every year. I lived in Lexington for several years and used to get crap from them about being an OSU fan, especially from their football fans, which is a freakin' joke. Yeah, they're in the SEC, but it's not like they have had any part in the dominance of the conference. If the best you can do is make it to the Music City Bowl, shut it you coat-tail riders.

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The problem is they don't have real football fans.  They have basketball fans that are bored before basketball season.  So when the football team is decent, or around campus when students need a reason to get wasted on Saturdays, they turn out for football. I have several friends who are very diehard UK basketball fans, and when it comes to college basketball news and recruiting news, I'd never question what they have to say.  They are educated and know the game well.  When UK has had a couple nice seasons though, they all the sudden know a lot about college football.  Or when Randall Cobb has a great year, they all the sudden know a lot about the WR position etc lol. 
That's the problem with UK football "fans" there just aren't many.  So when they have a good year or they see SEC schools playing well and they hang around in a game they automatically think their football team must be good lol. 

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If the SEC *cough* Florida *cough* follows suit I will be more than happy with this. Maybe they can take out the noon games as well.

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It's a great idea really nothing at all wrong with a higher ranked team then some of those top 50's he mentions.  Is there really that much of a difference in playing UC than UCF???  I mean I know UC would probbly beat UCF, but it's not like it'd be that much of a threat.  I know they've had close games in the past and all that, but if we play some teams from other BCS conferences and beat them by 14 or 20, you are still winning with relative ease and not having the 40 or 50 point wins over an a team that is just there to collect a pay check.  It looks better for Ohio State in the long run, then at the end of the year when an SEC school says well we played in the ESSS EEEE SEEE we can say yeah but you played Troy, Townson, and UAB in the non conference.  It's going to cause other conferences to step up too.

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Me likey.

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It's great for the fans. Bad for the traditional BCS championship (The PAC-10's harder schedules have not helped them), but might not hurt as much with the 4-team tourney.

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I am defnitely okay with this. This was a long time coming.

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I'm happy about this as well, though I actually enjoy the "boring" early season games.  I think this will help to improve the level of play in the B1G abd drive parity on the whole.  Of course, in the end this is all about money, but what isn't?

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Yes, yes, 1000 times yes!

Snarkies gonna snark. 

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Great for fans, probably more a necessity for Big 10 teams than, say, SEC ones.  If the playoffs started this year, the SEC champ would easily be in, but what about the Big 10 champ?  Even if we were elibible this year and went 12-0 would we crack the top 4?  Maybe not.  Until the Big10 gets its mojo back, everyone else intersted in making the playoffs better do the same.

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This is delicious

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This is going to be awesome.  The schedule is already 5 games in, and if this were 1950, the season would be half-over.  And it doesn't even feel like the Buckeyes have played any football.
Moving to an all-major schedule is LONG overdue.

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It would finally make paying $75 a seat for non-con games worth it! (however I doubt tickets will still be that cheap in  6yrs!)

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Thank you, Lord, for delivering us from scandal, Bollman & 6-7 and into Urban, Warriner & a legit OoC schedule.

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Did you ever imagine that it would turn out like this?
Everything that's happened since last season has just been awesome

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in a five season span 1985-1989, the OOC opponents were: Pitt(2), Colorado(2), Washington State, Alabama, Washington, Utah, West Virginia, Oregon, LSU(2), Syracuse, Oklahoma State, Southern Cal and Boston College.   OSU went 11-4-1 against this.
The only real cupcake back then was Utah.   Give me some of that. 

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That's interesting man... After reading this post, I just went & looked at the schedule for all of the 80s & even some of the 70s & found that OSU used to play a rediculous OoC schedule year in & year out. I saw that Duke & Utah were about as weak as it ever got. Those would be BCS opponents these days...

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Just because the name is familiar does not mean the tem was any good. Pitt was horrible and got rolled in the shoe by 70!

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Pitt had some dude named Marino on their team at one point.

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Pitt- went 5-5.....Colorado was 7-5..... Wazzu was 4-7
Alabama went 10-3....Washington went 8-3-1.....Colorado- went 6-6
West Virginia went 6-6.....Oregon 6-5.....LSU 10-1-1
Pitt- went 6-5......LSU 8-4......Syracuse 10-2
So, maybe a team gets scheduled in a "down" year, but a "name" team becomes a "name" team due to consistent better than average play and results.  The OOC scheduling of the past was far better than the MAC guantlet we've been running the past 10 years.  There is a reason the MAC is considered a Mid-Major.
Each team Ohio State played OOC in that selected 5 year span either has a National title under it's belt, or has been a top 10 nationally ranked team in our lifetime.  Can't say as much for the squads we have recently been inviting into the 'Shoe.

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I like the idea because not only does it look good in the voters eyes but it also toughen ups a team. If we are to win a playoff we are going to have to go on the road and play a good opponent. Reminds me alot of Izzo and his scheduling for basketball. Get tested and get tough early because it will pay off come tourny time.
I also love that the Big Ten (more importantly the Buckeyes) are leading the way on on this. An articles like this will help give us more credibility.

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Oregon, and WVU have yet to claim NC'S. While Pitt claims 9 all but one (1976) are from 1937 or before.

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