CFN Bucks Geno Smith and Collin Klein

By Jason Priestas on October 18, 2012 at 10:00a

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About the only ranking i've seen like this out, color me surprised. Not completely drinking the kool-aid yet. Got a bunch of football left to play. I do have to mention though, imagine if our defense steps up and Braxton gets more time with the ball on offense? just sayin'

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@BuckeyeBrowny -o r the opposite can happen, a la Geno Smith & WVU and they can pretend the play defense, let the opponent score quickly and give Geno the ball back.
Oh wait, that didn't work against Texas Tech.
The other interesting note in the CFN article is the fact that Stefon Diggs is having a big year. Think he would be a Buckeye if UFM had recruited him and not Tressel/Fickell?...

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