Buckeye Swag Post-Purdue

By Kyle Rowland on October 21, 2012 at 12:32p

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never fails.. I get so jacked up when I hear it! #buckeyeswag

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for the life of me i can't place that song and its driving me nuts

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hahah nevermind, it's the big bad wolf!

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ps this should replace seven nation army

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I'm in favor of fart noises replacing Seven Nation Army. ANYTHING, PLEASE!!!

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I really don't get the disdain towards SNA... at all... it's just a chant.  No one claims it started here, no one claims it's a buckeye tradition.  But it gets people fired up, so who the heck cares???  I'm sure it will fade out of style at some point and will be replaced by some other stadium rock anthem.  But until then, quit complaining that people are making noise, cause that fact alone is a good thing.

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Yea. Let's get "The Wave" implemented at The Shoe too.  Because overplayed, outdated, unoriginal activities are awesome.
Seven Nation Army is bad and you should feel bad.
If they can't get the Buckeye Swag song instituted, at least bring back the O-H-I-O chant on kickoffs instead of SNA. 

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Johnny, it's times like these I wish we could upvote staff. 

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Can you imagine 100,000+ chanting OOOOOOOOO HI OOOOOOOO along with the band?
With Kerry Coombs busting it out on the sideline?

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Good call on replacing SNA with this. It's a nice groove, would be a pretty original usage (wouldn't it?), and it already has quite a bit of traction.  

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It occurred to me after hearing "Some Nights" on the radio this week -- I think this could be a good replacement too.
"What do I Stand For -- O-H"
"What do I Stand For -- I-O"
Plus the percussion could be worked into awesome march.

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They played that at the Camden Yards during the ALDS... the stadium chanted along with the "OOOO" part... sounded pretty cool

Cause I couldn't go for three

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@johnny- from an si.com article:
"The song is called Buckeye Swag, and according to Ohio State trumpet player Todd Fessler, The Best Damn Band in the Land made it up one day last year and the Buckeyes football team fell in love with it. It sounds like hip-hop with brass, like the best Trick Daddy song that never got recorded."
Must admit it is becoming a favorite new tradition of mine. IT does seem to get the team, band, and crowd going at the end of the game. There is a video somewhere (of course now I can't find it) of Coach Coombs bopping to it with the players- gotta love him.

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welp! i learned something new today. they sound really similar though, to my horribly untrained and tone deaf ear. thanks man

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If you've seen the movie Drumline (I'm somewhat ashamed I have seen it several times) then "Buckeye Swag" might sound familiar to you.

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I could be wrong, but I think this is video from the first time they played it for the general public.
It sure sounds a whole lot better with all the fans and players getting into it as well vs just the one (non singer's) voice backed up by the band.

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I had only heard of it prior to today... so this was my first chance to actually hear it, I just watched that video 5 times and got chills every time
...and johnny I think your right

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Same thing here, dude.
That just gave me goosebumps. I don't hardly ever get goosebumps.



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Jack Mewhort at the :23 second mark.... Hahahahaha

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I was thinking the EXACT same thing.  That was hilarious.

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White boy dancing

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I need to find this as a ringtone...any ideas or Apps for the Android market?

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My dying wish is for the band to play this at the Michigan Skull Session when the team comes through.

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@Buckeye56 - My neice is dotting the "I" at the M*chigan game this year - want me to see if there's any way the band can pull it off? No harm in asking, right? The band members have a suprising amount of pull with the director. And I think there are a few band members who are participants on this site.

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Never harm in asking, and full disclosure I'm not actually dying that I know of.  My line of thinking was given how jacked EVERYONE is going to be for The Game this year, and how much the team appears to get into the song... Well, It couldnt be a bad thing, right? And congrats to your niece, not a bad game to dot!

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This is exactly the post-game song we needed...wait, make it mid-game.  Finally, something to replace the song from a band up north.  And it's for-us-by-us.  Let's make it happen!

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National champs.  Coincidence?

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I-O!  (Better late than never!)
This song has been going through my head from the moment I woke up.  I would love for it to be more prevalent at the game-- I don't mind SNA in general but I think it probably should be more of a "sometimes song."

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First time I heard it was after the MSU game, I was wondering what song the team was gettin' hype to...Love it!!!

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TBDBITL has been playing this song all year, at least 4-5 times per game. Do yourself a favor and watch Brutus dance to this song.

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Not only Brutus, but the skinny black dude band member.  He really gets Southstands going.  I agree they need to replace SNA with this.  Record it and play it threw the speakers or something.  I was still in the stands oafter the game and when Urbz went nuts the stadium erupted.  What a moment! 

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