Bring Your Scarlet

By Jason Priestas on October 2, 2012 at 1:51p

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...Don't we always do this by default?

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The whole everyone wear specific colors thing is so played out. 

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I agree whole heartedly.  Let's crank up the intensity instead and make it an impossible environment for Nebraska to function in.

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Yes, that would be great to see!

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Agreed. I'm all for doing special things for the crowd, but this was cliche years ago.

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future commenting: Thanks for helping, Nebraska, whether you knew it or not.

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This was my first thought too haha

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Scarlet out is essentially what we always do, and realistically the only time a "color" out looks good is a white or black out. Can't deny the PSU white out is always impressive.

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I thought this was awesome. Not the best pics, but it looked really nice on TV.  I know that the OSU pep squad tried to execute this for the UCF or Cal game and it failed.  But, if WVU can do this, let's just say I'm confident a B1G school can.


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I think WVU had a little more success only because our grey looked pretty washed out on the TV.  I did think theirs looked better on TV and was instantly noticed.  Not sure I would have noticed during our game if I hadn't seen the news items beforehand.

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The Scarlet and Grey the shoe or whatever the campaign was called for the UCF game went much better than I expected it to. You could clearly see which sections were supposed to be which, even though there was much room for improvement. Given the fact that no shirts were given away, I'll take it for a non-conference noon kickoff


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I don't mind these attempts although I'm not sure it's wise to do for an 8pm kickoff when the daytime high is only 54 degrees to begin with.  Maybe some of you disagree but I think the colors thing won't work as well when people will be wearing coats.  Virtually every Buckeye fan has a scarlet shirt but not all of them have scarlet coats thus defeating the purpose.

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The answer is, don't wear a non-red coat!
Really only kidding, but I won't be wearing a coat. I layer up.. Long john undershirt, t-shirt, vest, hoodie sweatshirt, and my red jersey on top (I bought it big for this specific reason). This strategy got me through many a sub 50-degree football game back in Montana. My coat only came out when the daytime high was below freezing.

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Also over the color thing. I'm making it to 2 games & go figure they are the ones with fashion mandates. They should get everyone to wear the masks from "V for Vendetta" or perhaps Jason masks from the Friday the 13th series... now that would make for an interesting / intimidating backdrop methinks.

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"Russia got a Scarlet Flag
US got Scarlet Stripes
Last train to Paris, round the World in these Scarlet Nikes"


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Well I don't have scarlet poncho, so it might be hard for me to do this given that it is supposed to rain Saturday...