Bob Knight Auctioning Rings, Medal

By Jason Priestas on October 16, 2012 at 11:43p

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Are free tattoos next?  :-)


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He actually has to auction stuff off in order to pay for grandchildren education?  Really?

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You would think that Bob would have made enough money to set up a trust for his grandchildren's education.  I know it is his stuff and he can do with it what he wants, but I also would think his chidren and grandchildren would one day like to have some of those items.  If my grandpa would have won a championship I would love to have his ring now that he is gone.  Don't be short sighted Bobby.

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especially when he's still getting money from ESPN as an announcer.
surprising nonetheless.

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1) They're his rings.
2) Maybe he doesn't care for such material items, and instead of spending money, which he may then leave in his will for his grandchildren, he will sell the memorabilia in order to pay for their school, not costing anyone anything. 

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Somewhat refreshing to see that the memorabilia he cherishes the most isn't his.

Long live the southend.

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Agree with RBUCK. Wouldn't shock me necessarily to see Bobby Knight roll his eyes at stuff like rings, medals, etc. If that's the case and he simply sees an opportunity to use these things to help out family financially, I can't really find fault. I would imagine that there are some items that ultrasuccessful athletes and coaches cherish and many, many more that just take up space.

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These are his own items and if he values the money more to support his grandchildren than the memorabilia, more power to him!!!!!



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Is his Buckeyes ring on the market?

The offseason begins when your season ends. Even then there are no days off.

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The only championship rings that I read he was selling were from his Indiana coaching days. 

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I doubt that there were any college championship rings back then. I lived through that era and can't recall rings at all.

Long live the southend.

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Wonder how much the rings will go for.  We talking about paying for a semester, year, or entire degrees worth of $$$...  not an expert on the market for such things...

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He may want to check with the NCAA first.  But for realz, he must get more enjoyment from helping his family than looking at jewels.  I applaud him.

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People make such a big deal about this kind of stuff.  He's auctioning trinkets, people. He's not auctioning the events themselves or his memories of said events.  When Bob Knight is on his death bed, he isn't going to look at the trophy case on the wall and regret that it's empty.  He's going to be glad that the education of his grandchildren is taken care of.  I gained some respect for Bob after reading this. 
If the Tat5 had a good reason to sell their stuff, I'm sure the fans would've been less harsh on them.   Grandchildren's tuition > Tattoos.