Basketball Buckeyes Predicted to Finish 3rd by Conference Beat Writers

By Jason Priestas on October 24, 2012 at 4:40a

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The B1G is gonna be deep. Obviously Indy is stacked. Michigan has a lot of freshmen, so I'm kinda not sold that they will be clear cut #2, but definitely be top tier. Their coach has impressed me so far with recruiting and getting them to play well, so we'll see. MSU is always good, even in what can be considered a rebuilding year for them. Appling will have to step up for them. I'm always expecting Wisky to gel and be a tough out at home. Minny is an enigma this year with M'bake back. Illinois is going in the wrong direction for now. Northwestern better make the tourney this year.

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TSUN?  Who do they have that makes them any better than last year?  Indiana who knows...I somehow think their #1 ranking will last until they go to Kentucky and get whalloped.  Assuming that they go...they do play every year, right?

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The homer in me tells me to reject this hypothesis.  We are obviously going to win it all!

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I really don't understan the Michigan hype, they weren't even good last year

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You might need to set your bias aside. Michigan was good last year. They beat Ohio State and Michigan State each once and they won a share of the regular season title (with the help of OSU beating MSU). They did lose to Ohio Univ. in the tourney, but Ohio was a good team that made it to the Sweet 16. Michigan is returning Burke, Hardaway and Morgan, and they added a good recruiting class of guys who should contribute right away. 

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The hype is because of Burke and Hardaway (mainly due to his dad, but he basically stands on the perimeter waiting and pouting).  They lost quite a bit of senior leadership last year.  Not great talent, but experience and heart will get you far. 

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I'm not sold on Michigan this year, and call me crazy but I'm not really sold on IU either.
Michigan loses Novak and Douglas, their heart and soul the past four years.  Burke is good, Morgan is good on the pick and roll, and Hardaway is overrated as a player.  He's streaky as a shooter and does little else.  They have some good freshmen coming in, but it is hard to rely on freshmen to mesh well with guys who are already entrenched in their roles.  I see Michigan finishing 3rd or 4th in the B1G.
Indiana just puzzles me.  They are talented, yes.  But are they THAT talented?  Zeller is good, no doubt, but I don't see this dominant team everyone is projecting.  Does anyone really think that their freshman class is going to raise this team up from a good, top 15-20 team to the best team in the country?  Ferrell at PG means Hulls on the bench, or having to play off the ball and then possibly guarding an even better offensive player.  Hollowell is a talent, but I don't know that he'll be a huge improvement over Sheehey, Oladipo, or Watford.  Those three guys are solid players, but seem to be streaky and disappear at times on the offensive end, especially Watford.
Ohio State has guys who have been there and done that.  They have a leader and a proven scorer.  Defensively they have length and athleticism that is unmatched by anyone else in the B1G.  Sure, there are questions about replacing Sullinger and Buford, but I think Craft will take more initiative on the offensive end and Thomas is just a straight nightmarish matchup because of his offensive versatility.  For the Buckeyes, it will come down to their "role players'" ability to stick to what they do well, and not force the action.
I see Ohio State, Indiana, MSU, UM, and Wisconsin as the top 5 this year.

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I'm not exactly sold on Michigan yet either, but aren't you guys a wee bit concerned about Ohio State too? Sure we've got Craft and Thomas, but we have a lot of questions to answer on offense without Sullinger and Buford. Who's going to be our second scorer beyond Deshaun? Will we still have no consistent 3-point shooter? I'm definitely going to need to see it before I believe we can compete with Indiana this year. Defensively, I think we'll be just fine. We have a lot of lengthy players, which is actually something that has been missing at Ohio State for awhile.
I don't understand all the doubt about Indiana. If there's a reason for concern about them, it would be their defense. Other than that, they return almost everybody, they had a fantastic recruiting class, and their offense is going to be nasty. They've got a proven starting five that beat Ohio State once last year (albeit with a lot of controversial officiating), and if a few of those freshman develop into solid role players this year, they'll be pretty deep too. If they can improve on defense and fix whatever their problem was with playing on the road, they are going to be really tough to beat.
At the same time, even though I'm all doubtful about Ohio State, I'm not understanding the trendy pick of Michigan at #2 either. Burke and Hardaway is a pretty damn good backcourt. Jordan Morgan has his moments, but other than that, they have many of the same problems that I see with Ohio State. Where will they get their scoring from beyond Burke (and sometimes Hardaway)? Will anyone develop into a consistent 3-point shooter now that they lost Novak, Douglass and Smotrycz? If I remember correctly, they had a pretty decent recruiting class of their own, so maybe some of those freshman can help to answer those questions, while Ohio State has some more experienced players to do that.
If I had to take a top 5 in the Big Ten this year, I'd go Indiana, Ohio State, Michigan State, Michigan, Wisconsin. I think that Iowa is starting to trend upwards, while Illinois and Purdue are both going to have rebuilding years. I don't know what to expect at all from Minnesota, Northwestern, Nebraska or Penn State.

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I'm not exactly sold on Michigan yet either, but aren't you guys a wee bit concerned about Ohio State too? 


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Not seeing where the IU hype is coming from.