Western Kentucky Takes Down Kentucky 32-31 in OT

By Chris Lauderback on September 15, 2012 at 10:34p

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That is all

Fundamentals are a crutch for the talentless.

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Where's BTalbert to comment on this one? 


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They 'Sposed to be SEC, to quote a meme.

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Wow, wish I knew enough about rednecks to bet on that one. 

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All this means is WKU was a really great team and the SEC is still the best conference in CFB.

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in all seriousness..bama and lsu are 2 great teams, and the rest of the confrence is riding the coattails

Well i like college and i like football...and im gunna keep doin em both cause they make me feel good!!!

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Saban warned Kentucky a week ago when he told the media to respect WKU. It didn't do him right.

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Why are we getting so excited about the worst team in the SEC losing to a Sun Belt team?

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Because the worst team in the SEC would dominate the BiG and win it every year.

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Alabama is the truth, LSU is a top 10 team, Georgia may be, and the rest of the conference is overrated.

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C'mon people...an SEC loss never counts, only the wins.

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Kentucky is the 3rd best team in their state.

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I think Kentucky is the 4th best team in their state. 1.) Louisville, 2.) U of Cincinnati, 3.) Western Kentucky, 4.) UK

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You've opened the floodgates with that Cincinnati comment haha

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The Reds honored the UK basketball national championship at a game his year.......

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CINCY ISN'T IN KENTUCKY !!!!1!1!111!1!1!!!!1!1!!