No Nebraska Ticket? No Problem

By Jason Priestas on September 26, 2012 at 10:21p

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City BBQ and Beer still fueling the insanity through the game?

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I'm going to guess that City BBQ will only be during the pre-game tailgate. Last year I remember they had food out until like 4-4:30. To be able to serve through the game would require bringing quite the amount of food, especially for how delicious it is.

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As long as quantities last for all items, except for City BBQ which is donating employees to properly prepare and serve its product. They will be packing up shop as kickoff approaches.

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Question, is there parking at the Eat too location?  Or does parking have to be found elsewhere?

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There is a park right behind the alley where Eat Too is located that offers parking. That said, It's not technically affiliated with the tailgate and I think it might be around $20 to park there. This year's location is right in the heart of the action so what little parking exists directly in that area won't come cheap. For free, I recommend looking for a spot on the side streets off Neil. It's just a 10 minute-ish walk from those streets.

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E2 faces a park where there is parking in the fields. Take a look at the map on the E2 page to get a better idea.

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Holy crap it's going to be a long walk to my friend's house off Neil and 1st that night. HAHAHA. I'm ready. Any idea how close to sold out this gig is??

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Good news!  I was going to get tickets, and then they DOUBLED over the course of this past week.

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What is the beverage policy (open containers) and how likely is ticketing if illegal?


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E2B is equipped with a liquor permit and the event also carries liability insurance. All attendees will be asked for ID and >21 guests will be given wristbands.

That said, anyone who misbehaves will be removed by security staff.

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It just seemed different last year.  Was that because of location?