Michigan's Frank Clark Pleads Guilty to Felony Home Invasion Charge

By Jason Priestas on September 11, 2012 at 10:42p

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Rfahncke's picture

Stealing high dollar electronics (criminal offense)= 1 game
Selling personal property (free commerce)= 6 games
I realize this is university sanctioned vs. NCAA sanctioned but when does this end?

"Have you earned your buckeye today?"

FROMTHE18's picture

Urban Meyer suspended Cam Newton for this that eventually forced him to leave the program...just saying...

mitchjacobsen01's picture

"It's funny how some teams handle their suspensions"
-Desmond Howard

LouGroza's picture

Desmond? Where are you? Could not understand this guy playing at all with this felony charge over his head. There will be much backpedaling with this explanation. Can't wait. No more flapping their jaws about OSU......yeah right.

cplunk's picture

Cam Newton. CAM NEWTON was basically removed from Florida's program for the same offense. If a QB that was clearly going to bring a national title to whatever team he played for was punished, what's up with a one game suspension for Frank Clark?

hodge's picture

No bueno, man.  No bueno.

johnblairgobucks's picture

Brady Hoke just checked with the NCAA to see if Lawrence Phillips had any eligibility left.

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lol Desmond Howard...

Class of 2010.

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Not only does this open Hoke up to criticism but it also opens the door for UM players to do whatever they want and get in trouble knowing there will be very little consequences for their actions. 

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Come on guys, Felony Home Invasion is weak sauce.  Frank should have stepped up his game and tried to swing a free round of golf using school memorabilia. 

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I just got some feedback on Twitter from good ol Desmond. 
Me: "Cam Newton steals laptop, gone, Frank Clark steals laptop, 1 game suspension, lookin forward to your rant on punishment values"
Dez: "1st time offender compared to a repeat offender. You might want to learn the facts b/c you let your thumbs go!"
lol, the rationalization force is strong with this one.