George O'Leary Says Ohio Stadium is Not Loud

By Kyle Rowland on September 7, 2012 at 10:26a
Wisconsin, Iowa and UCF is louder, according to O'Leary. Prove him wrong, Buckeye fans. (

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Not sure why he would say that, I hope the crowd causes time outs to be burned, false starts, and delays of game.

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It probably wasn't going to be loud since it's a noon kickoff time.... not anymore

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unfortunately im guessing most people probably won't even know he said this. Now if we can get it to play on the board right before kickoff, UCF better watch out.

Sorry Urban, Woody is still my favorite

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This guy sounds like he's drunk.  Not a comment directed at his opinion but the fact that he's sluring about every other word.

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He probably means the game will not be close enough to warrant a ton of emotion out of the fans.  Which is sad a little but understandable.  What, is this 2011 vs Wisky?

How many batteries does it take to beat Michigan football?   1AA
Want to beat Michigan? There's an App for that.

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UCF is louder?  Do they even get 20,000 fans at their games?  lol

Class of 2010.

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He is really charging to the front of my 'favorite players on this team' list., I need to sit...

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How would he know?  Not sure I believe him saying he's been there.  When and why?

When you're holding a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

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In 1980 as the Syracuse DL coach they came to C-Bus and lost.  I'm sure he's remembering it exactly as it was.

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And really, when has George O' Leary ever been known to lie about something?.....

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I'll just leave this here:
When an elite opponent comes to play in Ohio Stadium - especially for late afternoon and night games - we can get as loud as anyone in the country. Hayden Frey knows this. Chuck Long knows this. Matt Barkley knows this. Vince Young knows this. Maybe we don't necessarily get so loud for a noon kickoff against Purdue. Nobody gets very loud for noon kickoffs against teams you're expected to beat by two or more scores.
All I need to know is that Autzen Stadium recorded the highest decibel measure on record at 127.2 decibels, and Matt Barkley said The Shoe was louder. So there you go.
And congrats Coach O'Leary. You just doubled the volume at Ohio State this weekend. Every Buckeye going to the game is going to hear this either through word of mouth, the internet, or Columbus talk radio. And I expect Buckeye Nation to respond in kind.

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Yikes.  Hayden Fry's bitching led to one of the most asinine rule changes in college football history.

"To correct the problem, Fry suggested imposing penalties on home teams whose fans make too much noise . ..."

And that's exactly what happenned.    The following year in '86, The Buckeyes hosted scUM in the 'Shoe.  Jim Harbaugh milked this rule to death during the game, and the refs kept giving scUM free timeouts and flagging tOSU for delay of game due to crowd noise.  It was maddenning.
This was the first Buckeye game I ever attended, we end up losing after a missed long FGA.  I'm still pissed!!!!!

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That rule is almost as stupid as the "excessive celebration" rule. Both are destined to end up in the trash bin of college football history.



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Buckgnome, I'm still upset about that game too. I was sitting in C9 and had a great view of that FG as it veered left. Should have gone for it (4th and 2); there was too much time left to attempt a game-winning FG!

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Well blowout games that Ohio State dominate aren't very loud.... here's hoping that is the case.

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... Says the guy that went to NYU-Stony Brook University and was a three time letterman at New Hampshire. Wait a minute......

-The Aristocrats!

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WTF?! Iowa louder? Aww man. I wish I was at this game tomorrow.