New Rivals 100 Out

By Alex on August 20, 2012 at 1:35p

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isaacl's picture

interesting. Did Burrows have some poor showings at camps over the summer?

Bj Mullens over Sully's picture

Not really poor showings but other cb's showed better than him, I expected him to lose his 5th star from rivals.

Favorite Buckeye: Obviously BJ Mullens

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He performed poorly in the championship game at Gridiron Kings. Was being targeted a lot. Ended up being outshined by a number of other secondary players.

millertime2011's picture

surprised woodard didn't move up. And I find it VERY hard to believe there are 52 players better than marshall.

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I think rivals takes position into account quite a bit.  Since Marshall hasn't played much receiver it is hard to give him too high of a ranking.  Honestly having him at 52 is an indication of how dynamic an athlete he is.

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^^^... thats ok i want every recruiting site to pile on

mark may wins douchebag of the year... again

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Looks like Burroughs won't be good at Ohio State then lol...I take these star ratings like a grain of salt.