Bri'onte Dunn's Drug Test: Clean

By Kyle Rowland on August 1, 2012 at 10:30a
Dunn's father offered the information. (
Source: @toddporter

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So it belonged to his friend? 
A few years ago I convinced a long time friend to join my fantasty football team with a bunch of guys from where I worked at.  I don't see this friend a lot.  Mostly we go to concerts when a good band is in town.  Anyway, he stopped by and picked me up from my house to go to the draft.  On the way to the draft he rolls up the windows and proceeds to break out the one-hitter.  I turned and was like WTF? dude.....He looks at me and says -- "just hold your breath"...
I know he smokes, and I know he smokes a lot, but I didn't know he was going to just light up then and there.  No way in hell I'd ever drop him as a friend.  He's as good a guy as it gets.  I'm positive he would never light up if I asked him not to.  Maybe that was Bri'onte's problem.  Maybe Bri'onte didn't know his buddy was "holding"....(do they really use "holding" in real life?) Maybe Bri'onte was trying to get him to put it away and that's why he was driving crazy....
Not sure I can be as upset as some people were at Bri'onte when this news first broke.
Was this a hair sample drug test or urine?  I just had to have a hair sample test done for my new job (yesterday) and they said I didn't have enough on top.  They had to get it from somewhere else and gave me 2 chest or my that sucked.

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“It was clean,” Brion Dunn said. “He had to go through an outside facility, and Ohio State said he had to have the test done.”

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So, if it really wasn't his, and his test results prove he's clean, good for him.  What remains though is the fact that there are still people in his life involved in things he needs to stay the hell away from.  So if that means staying the hell away from those people, I hope he does.    
  Being 18/19 years old and seeing the big picture is nearly impossible for the average kid, let alone a kid that has endless opportunity at his fingertips.  I truely hope he uses this as a moment to learn from and hopefully helps him see the big picture.  

I know there's a game Saturday, and my ass will be there.

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Either Bri'onte has not partaken of any of the substances tested by the lab, or this dude is so fast that his body outran the effects.
Obviously, that's not possible, but can you imagine the stories . . .  
"Our RB is so freakin' fast!"
"How fast?"
"Faster than science, bitch!"  

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Jesse Pinkman approves.


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@ BuckeyeEddie27 - I had to come up with a different tagline than the one I was going to use, after I saw you had Fickell's quote ("I know there's a game Saturday, and my ass will be there.") Love it !

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As soon as I saw that he had said that, it was an all time fav.   love that guy

I know there's a game Saturday, and my ass will be there.

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i've said it before and i'll say it again. t-shirt fickell's quote...please

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Got a notice his Ma took the rap?  Any word on this?  Did I miss a post?

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Yeah, look for the other Bri'onte threads.  It's all there.

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Cannot locate thread.  Looks buried over there on the right of the screen somewhere....

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Thanks for the links.....
I've almost stopped using the blog posts and forums because of the multiple posts and recruiting posts.  I almost stick to Buck Shots and the daily posts by staff.  I've never even noticed the recent posts..thanks for the tip.

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Speaking of the links on the right side, whatever happened to the section with links from around the B1G?

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Who admininstered the test? His dad? With one of those kits from the drug store? Not exactly accurate, ya know.
I hate to be the pessimist here.



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He went to a facility to have it tested, so yeah his pop totally just gave him one of the take home piss cups......

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to be fair it is not very hard to shit on a weed piss test. 

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Agreed. I just find it a bit odd that someone would make a remark about it being "rigged" after OSU reported they had him take one at a "facility."

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Jim Tressel had a lengthy history of rigging piss tests. Changing the piss of highly rated steroid laden recruits with the piss of less thought of non steroid laden recruits.

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Really? Got any links for that?

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$hitting on a piss test = epic fail

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