Bob Asmussen Defends Giving Michigan His #1 Vote

By Johnny Ginter on August 19, 2012 at 11:21a

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I suppose someone has to be the one to cover the contingency

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Who freaking cares? It's a preseason poll.  There shouldn't even be a poll till October.  Maybe later.

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I like the polls. It allows me to know what teams I should pay attention to.

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You can't figure that out without a poll?

Your mom told me she wants a Dicken Cidar.

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It's his opinion, he has the right to it.  Wish it was a more concrete reason, but at least he didn't hide behind a "no comment".

Cause I couldn't go for three

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For a sports witer to just say he has a "gut feeling" is to proclaim laziness or igorance or both.  That's fine for posting on message boards, but doesn't this guy draw a paycheck for his opinions?

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Wanna know what it was like, when Woody and Bo (former player/Buckeye assistant under Woody Hayes) faced each other?
Then, you want Michigan to arrive in Columbus, #1 (12-0).
See Ohio State vs. Michigan (1969).
Go Bucks!

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I have a gut feeling Michelin is going to get annihilated.



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So many Hoke jokes with this guys 'gut feeling'.

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Even if they beat bama they arent going undefeated....not to mention he was asked about pre season not week 2.

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per said dipsht "journalist" on Hoke:

"I like what he does, I like the staff he has there. So start with the coaching. I think it's fantastic, and everywhere (Hoke's) gone, he's done this. He's been good, and now he actually has the bodies to help him win a national championship."

per my 30 seconds of "research":

brady hoke career record: 58-52, 4 winning seasons out of 10