"Reuben was paid more (by Auburn) than Alabama was willing to pay him."

By Jason Priestas on July 18, 2012 at 12:43p

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Sounds like he is calling out the Alabama alums who need to step up their "recruiting" game.

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This is so moronic. I actually feel blessed to have the rivalry we have and not one that involves... well... the state of Alabama.

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“Coach Saban has proven himself to be a man of high character and integrity. He has certain lines he won’t cross, willingly.”
This one was the real gem in my mind. I love it . . . he isn't dirty because he wants to be, he's dirty because he's forced to be. Haha!

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So basically he's saying that Auburn outbid Bama, not that Bama would never pay a recruit. Got it.  Quite a state down there. 

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Right, aren't we the ones on probation?  Isn't our conference the one with sandusky?  Things have gotten to the point, now or conference leader wants the ability to fire coaches who make the conference look bad.  So I ask, who are we to think we are any better? 

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If Auburn and Bama would allow Freeh to conduct investigations into their programs Id be willing to bet every penny I make this fiscal year that both programs pay recruits...Auburn especially, simply because of the nature in which they get some of their players to commit/transfer to Auburn...as a recent/redundant example, Cam Newton out of nowhere decides to go to Auburn over Miss State...Reuben moves down to Auburn and then after a year of being a Bama commit, flips to Auburn which was a bit of surprise I think considering if he was going to go anywhere but Bama, it would have been UGA following the number of trips he has made up there recently...alas, it appears it would take a miracle for such an investigation to happen

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Boy, I can't wait for the NCAA to take as close a look at this rumor as they did all the OSU ones. Should be any day now, no doubt.

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"Hi, Smoke.  I'm Fire.  Have we met before?"

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It depends. Who is witnessing the smoke?
For example, somebody says to the NCAA, "Hey, do you see that smoke?" And they say, "That looks like water vapor to me." Othertimes, the NCAA sees a tiny puff of smoke and they scream, "5 alarm fire, bitches!"
Photo essay:
NCAA notices smoke coming from Ohio State:

NCAA perceives that smoke to be caused by this fire:

NCAA fails to see smoke coming from SEC school:

Under fire themselves to explain why they're not interested in the SEC smoke on the horizon, the NCAA claims that it's not worth their resources to stamp out every little flame:


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I have a feeling that eventually, we won't have a 2010 National Champion.

Class of 2010.

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Southern schools grease them there investigators as well.  Bobby Bowden had 1/2 his team suspended for academic fraud, forfieted some games, but came out smelling like a rose.  Don't remember any in depth look into Tallehasee.  They have "good" kids down there.  Have to leave them alone, they are tryin their dad-gum butts off.

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Catch 5? 

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I'll be looking for this story to blow up on Sportcenter....for.....a......long.......time.......