First Statement From Penn State Players

By Kyle Rowland on July 25, 2012 at 9:47a
"This program was not built by one man and this program is sure as hell not going to get torn down by one man." (
Source: @Ben_Jones88

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...the program was built by one man...Id be willing to bet a lot of money that most of those kids, if not all, chose Penn State because of Joe Pa and being able to play for Joe Pa... Joe Paterno was Penn State, now all of the sudden they are trying to act like he wasnt the program, a whole lot of bull

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I have to disagree with Tod.  It was torn down by Sandusky, Paterno, Schultz, Spanier, Curley, Larry, and Moe.

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Joe coached there for like 100 years.  WTF else built it?

rjenkins26's picture was built by one man. has already been torn down, no matter how many inspirational tweets the players put out there. Mauti, youre done, son! Give it up...

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Another recent player statement blames one or more "politicians" that will not tear them down. They still are looking for a scapegoat and do not get it.

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I really hope for a day where everybody over there gets it.  There will always be the fringe fans, the 1%ers or whatever the number is, that will never get it, defend Paterno to their graves, insist that the Freeh report is full of shit, and that the NCAA had no right to sanction the program.  I just hope all of the non-fringers at least get it, some day, sooner rather than later.

Class of 2010.

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If I were the NCAA, I'd be irritated after hearing this. The point of the punishment was to help bring a change to the one-way minded culture of penn state football. This player is essentially saying "we don't need to change, and we aren't going to".

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Their tune will change as they get their butts kicked this season and for the next several years.  Their still delusional at this point.

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What do you want the current players to do? Tuck their tail between their legs? These guys had NOTHING to do with what happened, yet they have to deal with the consequences. Let these guys process everything before jumping down their throats. While most of these kids went to PSU because of was a for different version, not the version he was exposed to be. So while the first part of this tweet is likely inaccurate(PSU football WAS Paterno), the second part is simply a rallying cry for the current team. I personally hope this team unites and has a "respectable" season. I'm not sure why ppl want to see these kids, those who did nothing, fail. The point of the sanctions was to correct the culture within the program, not point, laugh, and wish ill will on a team that did nothing.
Now the fanbase, that is another issue. I am just talking about the current players.