A Helmet for a Good Cause

By 11W Staff on July 25, 2012 at 11:02a

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I remember watching the 1979 Ohio State-Michigan game with the volume down and WJR, on the radio. We loved listening to Bob Ufer.
It seems to me, Ufer said in his post-game analysis, something like, "You have to believe Woody Hayes is Darth Vader...that he was leading the 'Scarlett and Gray Stormtroopers' from somewhere on the dark side of the force, here today, in Meechigan Stadium."
Perhaps, Bob Ufer was the inspiration for this mixture of iconography, shown in this picture and others, I've seen. 
At any rate, I like the look. I think it would be great if the team wore those helmets. I remember football players in the seventies (the Buckeyes, too.) wearing ponchos on the sidelines, when it rained. But, the ponchos looked like capes, beneath their helmets. They looked like a Roman legion.
Maybe one of you Buckeyes presently matriculating, has a connection with TBDBITL. Maybe the band could be compelled to improvise a tradition in honor of our new "Dark Lord of the Gridiron" involving the playing of the "Imperial Death March." That would be cool.  

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The idea acutally came to us last year when Chris Spielman stated that "Ohio state receivers are like stormtroopers, one goes down, and another one pops back up in his place."  We took the "Embrace The Hate" slogan from there, combining that most other fans hate us, and we are in fact the evil empire.  Also to reference your Imperial March idea, we currently have a guy mixing the fight song and the imperial march into what is hopefully some awesome background noise.

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May the FO-H-I-O-RCE be with you...always!

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must..hide...savings account....info............

To give anything less than your best, is to sacrifice the gift - Steve Prefontaine

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Thanks so much for the mention guys! Love to see Buckeyes helping Buckeyes! 

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My only criticism is that the helmet has to be completely gray like the one on the t-shirt.
Anyone care to speculate on what a stormtrooper would have to do to earn a buckeye leaf sticker?

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Anyone familiar with the movies will attest that they great need to improve their accuracy.

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Completely changing my reply, as I now realize your "accuracy" point was to their shooting, not the helmet haha.  Yes, they definitely wouldn't be getting many for completed passes.  We'll just say they're DLinemen, taking up blockers so the backers can make the play.

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Dear Lord... Please tell me you'd be willing to make more of these helmets if the bids are right :)

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Ive made 6 so far, 3 of which we wear, 2 of which were given to theCHIVE.com, and now this one.  They are a bit of a process but I have debated putting them up for order if the price was right.  Also I currently have a Boba Fett kit ready to go, that one could take a while, as it'll obviously need to be the best looking one.

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Oooo... are you going to do a Star Wars theme on the Fett outfit, as well? If so, I've got to see how that sucker turns out.

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Just the helmet, not the whole outfit.  The only full body ones we have are the stormtroopers, who knows if we'll venture into one of those.  Haven't decided what to do with the Fett one yet.  May try auctioning it for the Buckeye Cruise for Cancer.

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I do believe Urban Fett would look amazing... as would Woody Vader :)

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Where does Tressel fit in?  Luke Skywalker?  You know, because of his ahh shucks type demeanor.
Woody should be Sidious, since he was the architect of our greatness, or hateness, depending on your point of view.
Urban seams more like a Darth Maul type character with the slick moves and double bladed light saber.

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Doc, you are 100% correct on the Woody as Darth Sidious... right down to his crackling voice :) Also, you're spot on with Coach Meyer as Darth Maul. I can't believe I missed those!
As for Coach Tressel... that's a tough one. He was a good guy who was tempted by the easy power of the Dark Side and fell from grace. So, I'm really thinking Anakin to Vader with him. Hell, even Vader's plodding "offense" with a saber fits him :)