SI: Jabari Parker is the Best HS Basketball Player Since LeBron

By Jason Priestas on May 18, 2012 at 10:37a

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Can I get a TL;DR?  Is he not BYU bound?

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As good of a person as he may be, if does anything NCAA illegal he will be the worst person in the entire Unites States.

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Nice. John Calipari made an appearance in the article. Then the article stated Calipari had coached the last 2 great players out of Chicago in Derrick Rose and Anthony Davis. Anybody else thinking it seems like Kentucky would have the upper hand on landing this kid?

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Not only that, but Rose also went to Simeon, so that can only help Cal.

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For a while, Simeon head BBall coach was being considered for the U of I job. I think it would have been the right move actually. The guy has the entire AAU system wrapped around his finger and would stop the exodus of Chicago talent to out of state schools. Plus it'd practically gurantee Parker's services. With that said, I think he heads to the Dukies.

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Read the story in the real SI this kid grew insanely fast! It mentioned that he was six two when he was eleven!

" I went for two cause I couldn't go for three." 
-woody Hayes 

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Seems like Cal always gets the number 1 player.  Will be shocked if he doesn't go to Kentucky. It would be great if Matta could pull it off though.