Gordon Gee Has a Lot of Miles

By Jason Priestas on May 7, 2012 at 3:32a

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He raised a record 1.46 billion & spent approx. $900,000 on travel. Yes he should be accountable - but I personally got no issue with this. He is a record setting money raising machine - he deserves some perks.

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Given the amount of fundraising he does and his push to visit every county in the state with frequency, this makes sense. He's the face of the university, and he's good at it. The man should be able to travel, whether in an official capacity or not.


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He travels like a CEO of a Fortune 500 Co. because he is the CEO of a $5B business.

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Good points, Poison, Denny, and Pam. As long as Gee is making a reasonable effort at budgetary prudence and is not partying with Dominique Strauss-Kahn, happy travels!    

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Budgetary Prudence?!

Dear Gordon,
Open up your eyeeeeees...


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Well played Denny!

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If someone has beef with this they need to talk to the person making the travel arrangements. I'm sure he hasn't booked a single one of those flights or hotel rooms. Also, traveling is just expensive in general.

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I do all the international travel for our CEO, Prez and VP. We are a Pharma Co. based in Osaka Japan and have clinical trial sites all over the world.  Flights to Tokyo are 12 hours and Beijing is almost 14 from NYC. Because of this, they always fly business or first. Due to the time difference, I always book them an extra day at the hotel so when they arrive early am, they have a room ready. It is obviously more expensive, but given the importance of the trips, they need to be rested and help deal with jet lag, which is a bitch when traveling half way across the globe. GG is an ambassador, CEO, and businessman and should be afforded the same types of accommodations as my colleagues.

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Can you plan my next vacation for me?

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I can do anything

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Anything you can do...


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The jet lag is an absolute nightmare. Went to Beijing a few years ago, passing out by 5pm, wide awake at 3am.

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I just cant bring myself to critcize gordon gee. the man is an absolute legend; i think its safe to say that there is no school president at a university of comprable size, in the world, whose president is more accessible. he actually responds to emails from students! and i dont think that he simply has a secretary do it, because the response came about two weeks later, so that tells me that perhaps he simply got behind on repling because of a busy schedule. the guy is a fantastic embodiement of what ohio state is about

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The man never stops.  He lives, eats and breathes Ohio St. Last year walking out of the 'Shoe after the Wisky game, I heard someone who kept saying over and over "Thanks everybody, thanks for coming out" I turned and say GG walking in the same throng I was in. He had a big dude walking with him, but he was shaking hands and grinning from ear to ear like the rest of us. 

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I couldn't care less about this story. Minus a handful of well publicized gaffes in which he tried to be clever while speaking publically about OSU's football program, Gee has been solid gold for Ohio State, Columbus, and the State of Ohio. Keep doing what you are doing, brother!

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These comments reaffirm that 11W is more sensible than almost anywhere else on the internet.

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