Buckeye Fan to Pay the Stupid Tax

By Jason Priestas on May 31, 2012 at 10:15p

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Went to high school with this guy. This sort of d-baggery is right up his alley. 

The North remembers.

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What did he say? The basic idea at least, I don't want you to get in trouble as well.

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Here's a link to a jpeg of his since deleted tweet: http://sphotos.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ash4/251863_3119686281162_1534699072_32062617_471716209_n.jpg
What an idiot. I hope he follows through on his donation offer.

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I mean there always is the possibility that the OSU defense sidelines him due to ineptitude as well as being fat and slow, as was evidenced by his NFTC film. However, that guy is a dbag, forsure. That's the type of fan that we wish we could disown.

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LTT won't see the field if he stays like that. However, I'm sure a few years in AA will shape him up.

"Attack the Strong, Trample the Weak, Hurdle the Dead!"
-Former OSU S&C Coach Lichter

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im also in marketing...this kind of mistake on your home page, probably isn't helping business...
just saying...

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Smal Business is the backbone of AMERCIA™.


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Nice. Gov Rom will love you. ;)

Remember to get your wolverine spayed or neutered. TBDBITL

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Come on guys, don't you know that Smal is the new small.

vacuuming sucks

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rae smal pls


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Although the tweet looked kind of like a joke...I saw much worse things when the Sandusky case was going rampant. LTT retweeted it, even though he wasn't mentioned in it, which means he was probably searching for himself.
Seems like a bit of attention whoring on his part. Not that that's okay (no one should joke like that), but LTT's letter burning+somewhat sounding fabricated story+Twitter habit sound like attention whoring...same with Bosch. 

I mean there's this too, but I really don't think there's any sort of substance there...It's mostly just passion and stupidity:

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Twitter is the devil.  I know most use it responsibly, and although I don't have an account, I do read the feed on 11W frequently.  But in the end, it gives too many idiots a stage/microphone.  In this case, it's an easy way for one person to make an entire fan base look like a$$holes.  Seems like this happens all too often anymore.

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Electronic social networking can be a highly valuable tool, but I too am concerned about obsessive reliance on such media for a variety of reasons.
But I'm probably most worried about the long-term implications.
The specific problem you refer to is serious now, but maybe more of a short-term problem? Isn't the problem with Twitter that it's relatively popular, especially among young people, but not yet ubiquitous? If/when almost everyone is tweeting or so forth, it becomes an electronic version of talking out loud in massively crowded public places. Then, much of what idiots are saying will get lost in the noise. Savvy readers will filter out the nonsense and focus on what's being said by those they know, trust, respect. And it will be even easier to ignore the idiots in the future overcrowded cyberspace than in the crowded physical public spaces of old because in the virtual crowds, an idiot can't raise his/her decibels (although he/she can use a lot of !!!!!).
Right now, idiots can grab a big stage/microphone on Twitter, but will that be the case 10 years from now?     

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I'm begining to truly hate social media...people really need to think about what they are writing before they actually post it.  Take a step back...read it 5 times go take a shower, be calm...do you really want to post that for all of the world to see?  When college kids post stupid things like burning an OSU letter it doesn't bother me...to me it's no different then running your mouth but with a bigger outlet. They are kids, cut them a little slap for stupidity...I know I really did stupid things when I was 17/18...besides to me stuff like that is great posterboard material that Urbz can use to "motivate" our Buckeyes for a certain game in November. 
I am big a fan as any other but being a ridiculous "fanactic" and stooping to the level of talking to trash to a kid is childish.  Bite your tongue, OSU will have the last laugh.  As much as I hate UM I do respect them.  To me OSU is more relevant when the rivalry is amped up.  I loved beating michiagain during the Tressel years but it made the rivalry borning near the end.  The better UM the better OSU will be.  UM and OSU need each other to be successful - we are the B1G...without our two program being at the top of our game what chance to does the B1G have at elevating the conference?
So OSU & UM fans...be mindful of what you post.  Once you put it out there in cyberspace you have rang a bell that can't be un-rung.

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Wasn't there a similar reaction via social media when Brionte Dunn verbal'd to tOSU after considering TSUN? "Hope he blows out his knee", etc. At least the guy apologized publicly...not sure if any of those TSUN fans did regarding Dunn.
Just more proof that every fanbase has its idiots.

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