Sports Illustrated Joins the Urban Meyer Parade

By Ramzy Nasrallah on April 18, 2012 at 1:58p

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Enjoyable read. Nice to finally have some journalism that tells a story rather than making one up.

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Good read. M. Hayes and the Sporting News could take a lesson.

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Dohrmann must have been too busy shining his Pulitzer Prize to write this story.

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Great read, thanks for sharing Ramzy.  I liked the part when Urban was going to make the reporter change his blue shirt.  He gets Ohio State and the rivalry and the entire enchillada.  I can not wait for Saturday and the season to start.  Go Bucks!

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Loved Fickell's raw and honest quote. 

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Same. I also thought the "I'd have rather done it with less class and won a little more" was telling as well. 

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Hmm . . . what gives?  This isn't a smear piece, I don't get it.

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Like Hayes, Meyer prefers not to let the word Michigan cross his lips, referring to it only as "that school up north." When a reporter recently arrived at his office in a navy button-down, the coach declared, "We might have to find you a different shirt." When the reporter smiled, Meyer turned to an assistant and said, without smiling, "He thinks I'm kidding."

"Okay -- I've got an El Camino full of rampage here." 

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Sorry. Still not enough to make me like that rag.

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You're not enjoying Meyer? Not agreeing or disagreeing with you, I just like to get fans viewpoints on this.

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I think she was talking about Sports Illustrated?

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DEF talking about

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You thought he was referring to Meyer as "rag"?  That made me lulz.

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Yes, I thought she* was referring him as a rag. Thought the subject was Meyer, not SI. Glad you were able to laugh today.

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The funny thing about sporting news is..... Just a few years earlier they named him "coach of the decade".

 Flip flop much?


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I cancelled my subscription to SI long before Tatgate. Wish I had waited. It is a rag, in most cases.



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Sounds like SI took some liberities:

[In February five players were late for a meeting. This tardiness, paired with what Meyer called "a couple of incorrect decisions" made by players over the following weekend, resulted in a harsh consequence: The entire team was subjected to a week of 5 a.m. outdoor conditioning drills in 10° weather.]

Ummmm, last I checked we had one of the warmest February's in a generation and there were no days when we even came close to being as cold as 10 degrees

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Don't live in Ohio so I wouldn't know what the weather was like in February, but wouldn't the fact that it was 5 am make it colder outside than the what the temp. was the rest of the day?

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Living in Cleveland and I don't even remember lows in the teens. We barely got a few days of snow.

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Yes, just before the sun rises is typically the coldest part of the day so usually between 4-6am.  This is February's weather for Columbus, whoever mentioned the coldest lows were just before Valentine's Day was right. 

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I'd think so as well. I know Army PT is no joke at 0630 in the winter. . . bleh

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@Sensible you made me wonder so I checked weather records and the low temp recorded for that month was around ten degrees on the 10th, 11th, and 12th. In thinking back it did seem warm but for a couple of days. We had such few cold days they seem hard to remember I guess.

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There were 3 or 4 days leading up to Valentine's Day with temps in the teens, including a low of 14 on Feb. 11. Maybe this is what they spoke of.  I don't remember this week much because I was in Jamaica and it was 70-75 every night.  :o)

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I am still boycotting SI over that tatgate piece of trash they published by that gossip guy that won some award. 

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I canceled both SI (subscriber for over 20 years) and ESPN the Mag. I couldn't wait to find them in my mailbox. Then came "the article" and "busted" written on a sweater vest. Don't miss either one.

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I get SI sent to the office for free, somehow.  The only one I look at all year is the swimsuit issue.  Even that is getting weak over the last few years.

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Despite the obviously piece of crap written on Tress, I find SI has some of the best articles around. For the most part extremely well written and informative.

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Anyway - whether you do or don't like SI - this was a breath of fresh air. Nice to see some journalism actually take place on the subject of UFM. Seemed like a fair & unbiased account of the past & present.

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Great article.  They should fire that one jackass that writes for them. 

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