Open Season in Ohio

By Ramzy Nasrallah on April 24, 2012 at 12:13p

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I'm glad they at least casually mentioned that Ohio State isn't exactly struggling to bring in recruits..

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"hoke is changing the tide in the rivalry"

A lot of kool-aid chugging over there...

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Well, he's changing it in the sense that they were absolutely awful in the rivalry against Tressel, and sometimes not even competitive.  That much will be true of Hoke.

But Ohio State hired Urban Meyer to win national titles.  We tried winning national titles with teams built around the same kind of Ohio guys that are now finding their way to Michigan, and we came up short way more often than not (it's also fair to say that we won our only national title under Tressel with Cooper's national guys, not Tressel's Ohio guys).  Michigan will be a BCS caliber team, but I'm not convinced they will be an MNC/SEC champ challenging caliber team.  You need national recruits to accomplish that feat, and I think Urban knows that fact based on experience.  I'm willing to let Michigan become a perenial B1G conference title contender with Ohio guys if it means we are a perennial MNC title contender with national guys.

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So that's a MGoBlog inside joke, kind of like our "out of hound" One of the commenters over there made a post in response to a thread about Hoke changing the tide of the rivalry because he saw people in Ohio buying Michigan jerseys and he accidently posted it 6 times. So it became a mocking thing and it's a running joke now.

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Nothing new seen here. At least they can admit they need Ohio boys to be relevant.

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"Worst State Ever"

Remember scUM fans? Ohio is supposedly the worst state ever, yet you're celebrating the fact that Hoke is pulling in more recruits from the worst state ever. By the way, Hoke is from Ohio, and so was Bo.

I'd be more concerned about why they're having more success in Ohio. If Urbs is going after higher quality national recruits, and they're picking up our scraps, I'd be a little concerned about what this truly means for rivalry. 

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Don't forget Gary Moeller played for OSU, too.


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And Charles Woodson

“Any time you give a man something he doesn't earn, you cheapen him. Our kids earn what they get, and that includes respect.”  - Woody

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and Douchemond Howard.

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I don't remember Woodson ever donning the Scarlet and Gray, do you?

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Don't forget Bob Chappuis, from Toledo.  The best player on a loaded team that won a not-so-mythical National Championship.  A Heisman runner-up who SHOULD have won:

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Anything is an improvement from RichRod, I guess. How could anybody do any worse?



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Virtually every "Michigan Man" of note is from Ohio, except for Fielding Yost who was from West Virginia (but coached Ohio Wesleyan). 

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WOW!  Delusional is not a strong enough word to describe what is going on over there.  Flounder is a good recruiter, we had a scandal and Urbz is recruiting nationally.  That's it in a nut shell.  I'll still take UFM over Flounder every day of the week and twice on Sundays.

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I'd take him twice on Saturdays :-p

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If Hoke had to rely exclusively on kids from the scUM state, his teams would be DickRod caliber (DickRod's first year at scUM, not his last). OSU would win 45-7 every year under Hoke if Beefy Brady didn't go into Ohio to get his players.

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I never understood the loathing for Rich Rodriguez in Ohio. 

He worked at recruiting the state of Ohio, yet didn't steal any committed OSU recruits; he never beat Ohio State; he was liked personally by Jim Tressel as a professional colleague and Rodriguez often returned the compliments (and specifically absolved Tressel from the story, no doubt true, of some B1G coaches going negative against Rodriguez and Michigan). 

I would have thought, with the way that Rodriguez was savaged by a wildly unfair press, that Ohio State fans would have more sympathy for the guy. 

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I'm a huge fan of RR and wish he'd return as head man in AA.

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It's when they start beating us for the Ohio guys we both want AND need that I'm going to start to panic (the Charles Woodsons, in other words). Not that they haven't gotten decent players out of Ohio these last two years, but seriously, when was the last time you saw anyone round these parts lamenting Kyle Kalis?

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Alex still said it best "You take Taco Charlton. I'll take Joey Bosa. Let's see who wins." I will not trade less talented Ohio kids for national studs. Urban will take any kid from Ohio that is an OSU caliber player: Burrows, Price, Marshall, Lisle, etc. Ohio kids don't necessarily represent Ohio State better in the long term either just because they're from Ohio. Brewster was from Florida and is more passionate about Ohio State than most of the Ohio players.


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Let's be honest...scUM needs Ohio to even field a football team (or at least a competitive one).  Good for them for giving all the good Ohio football players a opportunity to play major college football, like I've said before, with all the Ohio guys going to scUM maybe instead of Ann Arbor Community College it could be Northern Ohio Community College (NOCC)....

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Funny Michigan fans would say that Ohio is the "worst state ever" since two of Michigan's best players ever came from Ohio. See Desmond Howard and Charles Woodson.

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Michigan has Dymonte Thomas, Ben Gedeon, and DeVeon Smith that OSU offered. There is NOTHING wrong with the other Ohio guys they have (Butt, Conley, Charlton, McCray, Dukes), but it is a fact they weren't offered by Ohio State. They just didn't fit the profile of what Meyer was looking for. That's not to say they're not OSU caliber as I think Tressel would have landed some of those players mentioned. Ohio State has landed some really good Ohio players as well and will continue to do so year in and year out.

As I mentioned, it's not OSU that's losing here, as the Buckeyes will still get their 10 solid Ohioans. It's Penn State, Wisco, MSU, Nebraska, Iowa, Notre Dame, that will hurt the most from Hoke doing well in Ohio.

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That's exactly the way a lot of us feel, Alex.  Every year there will be a couple of Ohio kids that both Michigan and OSU want; and we will get some and you will get some and probably you will get more of them.  And there will be a lot of other good kids who just naturally fit better in either Columbus or Ann Arbor, and are much less of a head-to-head recruiting battle.

But lately, a lot of other schools, particularly ones with Ohio-rooted coaches -- Dantonio and Pellini stand out -- who would like to (or who need to) rely on some Ohio kids to fill their rosters and they are liable to get squeezed out by an OSU/Michigan hegemony.  I like that part a lot.

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We saw what typically happened when the talent that Tressel mostly locked down from Ohio played against teams like USC, Texas, Florida, and LSU.  It wasn't pretty.  The other 4 schools have success recruiting their home states, but also were pulling in national talent.  Let Hoke have Tressel type recruiting classes.  They'll have good teams, but I'll take the strategy that combines the best players from Ohio with some of the best players from Florida, New Jersey, Texas, Cali etc.  

Locking down Ohio like Tressel did makes for a very good team, but it doesn't make for a national championship winning team.  That's what Urban is trying to build here.

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To be fair, I don't think you can completely attribute talent as the reason that we lost a lot of those games.  Tresselball factored in as well: that system was designed to take early leads, and protect them the rest of the way, it didn't fare too well against equal or better competition--and especially for comebacks against said competition.  Also, keep in mind that Heacock's D was a lot more conservative than the blitzkrieg that Dantonio cooked up (which is the reason we beat Miami in '02).  

If Meyer had been coaching in those games with Tress' players, we probably taken at least 3 of those 6 games 'twixt USC, Texas, Florida, and LSU.  That being said, we'd have probably lost a few more games to inferior opponents, as well.

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Don't forget this guy...

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I despise the man now but Dantonio was a mad scientist in 2002. I used to LOVE the way he'd let teams go 35 yard line to 35 yard line with 'relative' ease. If he had you pinned deep or you got close to the redzone, I swear you'd see a white coat, a creepy assistant and a head full of crazy grey hair come off the dude's head. He'd send people from anywhere and everywhere.

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Him leaving killed Tresselball. Well, Tresselball killed Tresselball, but losing Dantonio was like the first 9mm slug that doesn't do much damage but hurts like hell and lets you slowly bleed to death.

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To add, I feel Dantonio never got the credit for the job he did at Cincinnati.  He definitely laid the foundation in a short period, that Brian Kelley capitalized on.  Without the work Dantonio did at Cincinnati, Kelley never makes it to Notre Dame.

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Do you guys agree that Dantonio would have been hired at OSU if Meyer had stayed retired?

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Probably Dantonio or Pellini.  Personally, I find Meyer's kool-aid much easier to swallow than either Pellini or Dantonio's.  For what it's worth, I don't think either have proven to be truly elite coaches.  I'd probably take Dantonio, though.  But, keep in mind we might not have taken either--it's widely frowned upon to raid your own conference for a coach.