One of College Football’s Best Recruiting Ideas of the Spring

By Jason Priestas on April 5, 2012 at 12:58p

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I would LOVE for UFM to do a practice in Cincinnati. How do you think UC fans would react? Not only won't we schedule them but now we're practicing in their backyard.

How do you think a practice in Pittsburgh would go over? Meyer might want to bank that one as retaliation for some future PSU misdeed.

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Does the B1G have a restrictive rule for off-campus locations like the SEC does? If not, we NEED to practice in Cinci! HA, I'm with you NC_Buckeye

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Agree with you both, and I'd take it a step further -- I'd think Cincy and Toledo would be the logical places for these, just to be a bit aggressive towards UM and to a lesser extent UC.


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It's a good idea for Cincinnati just because it's such a great area for talent.  Have the practice at PBS or on their practice fields.  Toledo would be a good idea too.  Just to say yeah, this is our turf too!

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I was in Phoenix for spring training a few weeks ago, and I'm pretty sure Rich Rod had Arizona holding a practice in town while I was there.

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Hell, I'd do a barnstorming tour, just like the baseball teams of yore.  Maybe two cities a year, and rotate the cities--Cincinnati is probably the most key, since we fight Notre Dame and other schools for a lot of those recruits, but after that you've got Cleveland, Dayton, Toledo, Akron, and Youngstown--just to name a few.  I'd do it in a way to maximize geographical coverage (and in a way to get neighboring states' recruits to attend); perhaps Cincy/Toledo one year, then Dayton/Cleveland the next?

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Why on earth would the team practice in Youngstown? They'd have a better shot of getting murdered than attracting any recruits to a practice there. 

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Haha, but regardless not only does Youngstown/Steubenville have awesome high school programs, it also might be a good way to draw out some Pennsylvania recruits.  With the amount that we've been dipping into this area, might be a good idea from a strictly geographical standpoint.

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There's definitely talent in that area, but I'd move the practices to the Pittsburgh area. 

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The only problem with going out of state is that I think that would backfire on us; I get the feeling that a lot of people in the area might consider it a dick move on our part.  I could see that starting a free-for-all amongst nearby Big Ten squads infiltrating Ohio for a slice of our pie.  

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They already attempt to raid Ohio annually. I say bring it. I'm confident that our program could come out on top. We go into Western Pennsylvania every year for their recruits and by holding a few practices over there I think we can draw in even more talent. 

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Definitely William. Hell if Michigan tried holding a practice in Ohio, it might actually help us retain some of these poor wayward buckeyes. They could actually see what a joke TSUN is.

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If I am not mistaken, Tressel took his teams to practice at Kenyon college a few years back.

Edti: here is my proof

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Maybe take guys up to Fawcett Stadium and then take a look around the Pro Football HoF!

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As a Cantonian, I say come to Fawcett Stadium and practice.

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The Buckeyes did do something similar about 25 years ago.  The held a scrimmage at Barnitz Stadium in Middletown, Ohio.  Back then they had a decent amout of Middletown Middies on their team (Cris Carter, Sonny Gordon, and others) and they had one who had recently been drafted by the Bears (Todd Bell).  I don't know if they were using it as a way to drum up more recruits, but it definately has a lot to do why I still love the Buckeyes till this day.  They even sold commerative t-shirts with the Middletown players numbers in purple and the other stars of the team in scarlet. GO BUCKS!

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