Interesting perspective on the Jessica Dorrell story from an Arkansas applicant

By Johnny Ginter on April 17, 2012 at 11:15a

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Yes football is still a man's world...because men play, coach, and referee the is afterall a MEN's sport...and this Dorrell/Petrino story is common in certain respects but also completely rare in others, depends on how you look at it. Found the article both interesting and yet a very predictable lets make this a 'title IX' type situation where its not just a singular issue but rather it affects the very nature of Men and Women relations...Its kind of like when your best friend gets caught cheating and your girlfriend finds out about it, you take certain precautions to avoid any of your best friend's stuff floating into your relationship...also, she uses the word 'scrutinized' in the context of women are judged negatively on a consistent manner in college football... I think this is one of those 'it just is' instances...granted there are certain women out there who can 'hold their own' in college football but those select few happened to be named Erin Andrews, Melanie Collins, and did I mention Melanie Collins? On a serious note, I think this is Christianne's attempt to jump on a popular story and make a name for herself...similar to the sudden craze in trashing Urban Meyer's successfull (both on the field and in the classroom) years at Florida

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i think her larger point is that dorrell, being a woman and caught up in this story, makes it harder for other women to be taken seriously when applying for jobs in college football. harder isn't a sportscaster or a coach, she works in administration, and it's unfortunate that in a job where her gender really shouldn't mean anything at all, this incident will set her and other women back.