Sources: Syracuse’s Basketball Program Repeatedly Violated its Internal Drug Policy

By Jason Priestas on March 5, 2012 at 3:50p

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Not good for Orange fans.  Enjoy the ride.........not.

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I don't really have any reason to NOT like Syracuse, and I actually kind of do like them.  But the more I start to follow them and read about them, the more I see Boeheim is an arrogent prick.  From his tirades on the Fine story to the ones quoted here, it's like you are a total a-hole for questioning his program. 

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It's been a banner year for NCAA violations.  It's not a matter of if a program will get busted but when.  I like Boeheim and hope this isn't true, but not looking good for the Orange.

I never saw a football player make a tackle with a smile on his face

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No mention of girls he'd like to stalk/ have sex with- so not sure what Pat Forde's contributions to that article were........

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I like how the Fine story basically disappeared (when compared to the Sandusky story)...couldn't be because some execs at ESPiN are SU grads?? And now this? Yikes.

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college kids smoke weed?  oh noes

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Hoping you didn't actually read the story.

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lol, have to admit that I did not.  my eyes glaze over when I hear about athletes and weed.  i'll give it a read as I'm guessing the issue is with the institution.

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Your eyes aren't the only ones glazed.....ha.

The issue is actually somewhat similar to what happened with Coach Tressel.  Ignoring the rules  doesn't make the NCAA very happy.

vacuuming sucks

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So this would be the second major story in the past year that Yahoo broke which had more to do with someone familiar with an ongoing investigation leaking something, rather than Yahoo actually discovering something that no one had previously known. Wetzel did the same thing with JT last March (we're almost at the year anniversary...weird). I'm not knocking Robinson and Wetzel because they do a much better job than anyone at ESPN at investigative journalism, but I think they use "investigation" a little loosely. The Miami story was excellent work. The Syracuse and Ohio State stories were merely a matter of beating the universities to the punch.

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Isn't that kind of the point though? Developing your sources and beating the bush. Everyone's got a story to tell . . . it's just a matter of finding the right person. Are you expecting them to insert their own undercover reporters everywhere or invest in some UAVs?

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I'm expecting them to actually uncover new facts themselves, not rely on someone else to tell them what Syracuse and the NCAA already know but haven't made public.  The article Robinson wrote on Miami was superb, not because it was such a juicy scandal, but because it was a story no one was pursuing. In that case, Robinson did exactly what you suggest, he beat the bush and found someone to tell their story.  The article got the attention of the University of Miami and the NCAA and now something is being done about it.  THAT is investigative journalism.  If we are to believe Syracuse and the NCAA, then they were aware of this months ago and have been working on it.  Robinson simply found someone who was willing to talk about it before it went public.  That isn't an investigation, it's a leak.  Wetzel did the same with thing with Tressel.  Was OSU or the NCAA at all surprised by the revelations in the Wetzel article?  Not one bit.  He didn't provide a single piece of new information that wasn't already being acted on by OSU.  During that abortion of a press conference last March, Gene Smith himself called it a leak.  But it's not sexy to write an article about a leak.  Call it an investigation and everyone will take you more seriously. 

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You hit it right on the head Brutus! I was thinking the same thing! They certainly didn't break the story, just merely had a leak. It wasn't as if they uncovered anything.