Tony Parker Drops UK

By Jason Priestas on February 27, 2012 at 10:52p

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Bj Mullens over Sully's picture

Isn't he a UCLA/Kansas lean atm?


Note: I could be completely wrong, this is just what I thought I heard recently.

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I still think its OSU or Duke but that's a guess...UCLA and KU making strong plays

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I had read on a Duke blog that they weren't expecting Parler to come their way, but that was a few weeks ago.  I think he is the perfect replacement for Sully and he would fit in well with the offense.  Hopefully he makes the right choice.

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After reading that article though, I'd be shocked if he didn't pick KU.  Oh well, we already got the horses from the 2011 recruiting classes, so now lets see if Matta can develop some talent.

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Also, if Thad can't bring this cat in, then we officially have no commits until Loving in 2013, no?  Wow, with scUM and IU bringing in top 10 classes, I hope Thad has a plan to not fall behind.  It's kinda unlike him to get shut out on the recruiting trail.

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Hard to determine how many schollies he can actually give out with only 100% confidence in one player leaving (even though Sully will peace out as well) But still, it's hard to have that many committable offers on the table with so little certainty so he has to kinda put all his eggs in one basket.

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On Ohio State's team page in USA Today it was mentioned that Sibert and Weatherspoon might transfer due to lack of PT.

If that happens and Sully and Thomas leave with Buford, this team is going to be very short on players next year. Hopefully Matta has some contingency plans.

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I would put my money on Duke here.

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after doing some diggiging I think KU and OSU have a great shot...UCLA is in it because his boyus are recruiting him there...Duke is in it because mom and dad love it...Tony loved OSU for a long time and knows he can slip right into Sully's spot....Kansas is putting on a great show for him right now