Jordan Diamond Spurns Michigan, Chooses Auburn

By Jason Priestas on February 4, 2012 at 5:46a

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Good. Anywhere but TTUN.

Maybe he chose an SEC school because of the super high academic standards. Good luck Jordan.



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I betcha "he ate turf the whole day" and "ran Away" as well per Pipkin fat stocking's reality.

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See I don't necessarily like this.  He's a guy from B1G country.  I would have preferred him staying in the midwest especially if the SEC is the other option.  I suppose I would have rather him go to Wisconsin than tttun, but honestly I always get torn if they're choosing between ttun and the SEC.  Because lord knows the SEC doesn't need any more help.

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You make a good point dude. Sometimes my hatred of Michelin is not all that rational. He could have went to Indiana instead.



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So the kid is looking at Ohio State who sees something they are not fond of and they stop looking so he ends up at Auburn? shocking.

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Yeah, that thought crossed my mind too.

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Mine too, but we'll probably never know. There was something about Diamond's and Neal's "attitudes" that turned off (or away) the Buckeye coaching staff.  

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Auburn pays well I hear. cough....Cam..cough..cough

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Well, unless Auburn finds another ' Cam in Rough' , he will play for 4 th Place for the next 4 years!

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I wanted him to go to Michigan because I think he's going to be nothing but trouble for his team.  There's something about the kid Ohio State just didn't like.  Whether it was his character or intelligence or worth ethic I don't know, but he probably isn't going to end up being the tackle that Decker and Dodson will be and Urban recognized that. 

I don't care what region of the country is lives in, the team that got him will not end up being the winner in the end.  

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I wonder if Auburn delivered his money in a handshake or in a bookbag. 

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My favorite thing about this is the fact that Hoke failed to close on many of their touted targets.

Hoke can't close? He's in for a rough few years with Urban at the helm

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Only thing he's closed was a golden corral on valentine's day.

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