Gauntlet: Thrown Down

By Jason Priestas on February 15, 2012 at 5:38p
Challenge yourself, Wolverines. (Photo by Kevin Noon/Buckeye Grove. He's the guy that took this photo.)

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Harvard of the midwest my ass. 

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That would be Northwestern.

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What do these numbers stand for?

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The amount of football players enrolled in that specific major.

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Let me quickly sum up the entire Michigan response:

"But our school is so much better! There is no way a human being can both play football for Michigan AND major in a difficult study at the finest college in the world...nay, the entire Universe!"

But when they say it, all I hear is "Pass me another beer, Clem."

To err is human. Really sucking requires having yellow stripes on your helmet.

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Wait a minute! If a football player wants THE BEST education, like say, old blood on the field Kalis or anyone else for that matter, he would go to TTUN according to every TTUN supporter. Why would anyone go anywhere else when TTUN is THE FINEST institution for learning for the player that wants ONLY the BEST education? Every single fother muckin time I read anything from a TTUN fan  they resort to this garbage, along with OSU being cheaters. We can add this to the list of things, along with the probation they are currently on and the Fab Five fiasco they have a convenient lack of conception or are in denial of. Priceless bit of truth right there in scarlett and white. Not that it matters to them. That they are on complete opposite ends of the spectrum is an absolute joke.


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For those familiar with Reddit, there was a post there discussing it that did not get too far off the ground due to what I assume are downvoting Michigan fans. I have provided a link if anyone would like to restore some balance and add their 2 cents.

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cant believe the absolute hissy fit that Noon has been throwing over this.  It's a fucking picture bro.

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Has been surprisingly entertaining! This is my first time witnessing a Twitter Meltdown. Sheesh.

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"Sports Movement", WTH? Is that when you have to take a dump during the game?

"Maybe the Big Ten is not that bad. Maybe it's pretty damn good.'' ~ Urban Meyer

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It's worth pointing out that this photo was taken by Buckeye Grove's Kevin Noon. He gets angry when people don't acknowledge that.

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He's a pretty talented photographer.

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I certainly understand wanting credit. All it would've taken though was a 30sec message/heads up, not a twitter penile contest.

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General Studies has been the preferred major for many scUM athletes over the past decade or so, not just the football team. How else can scUM keep their players eligible? Certainly not by taking anything tough.

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I thought it was just elephants that never forget but apparently, Keven Noon remembers things vividly as well. 

If you ain't a Silver Bullet, you're a target

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This guy is a douchebag

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Looked up the guy's twitter feed. He seems like someone I'd love to hang out with.


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This image has "Please Photoshop Me" written all over it... I'm confident that the majority scUM players double-major in 'Losing,' 'Sucking' and/or 'Twitter'.

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Could someone explain what "Sports Movement" is?

"if irony were made of strawberries, we' d all be drinking a lot of smoothies right now."

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Not really sure.  I checked out the scUM .edu website.  There is not a "Sports Movement" major listed.  However, there is a "Movement Science" major that is described as:

Those interested in health, fitness, and the human body should consider studying Movement Science! This program is excellent preparation for a career in health. The curriculum includes coursework, laboratory research opportunities, and out-of-class activities. The program culminates with a B.S. degree in Movement Science with emphasis in three disciplines:


Biomechanics applies principles of mechanics to human movement. Biomechanics courses offer good preparation for graduate studies in biomechanics, ergonomics, prosthetics, physical therapy or rehabilitation medicine.
Exercise Physiology focuses on the body’s response to exercise and movement. The curriculum lays a foundation for graduate studies and certifications in personal fitness training, athletic training, strength and conditioning, coaching, and worksite wellness.


Motor Control examines the ways movement is learned and controlled through neural and behavioral mechanisms. Motor control knowledge can be applied in physical and occupational therapy careers, as well as physical education, coaching, music and the arts, and ergonomics.


So my best guess is "Sports Movement" is the focus/ specialization in Exercise Physiology.  If that's the case, that sure is a dumb name for it.

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Hey, who took this picture? Can we get them an jar of vaseline with an 11w sticker on it for all the butthurt?


you'd figure this guy would learn to sack up in "J school" too.

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This picture has made it's way to OTW without credit to Kevin. Someone better warn them that Hurrican Butthurt is on it's way.

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So here's my take.

First, my own undergraduate degree was from Michigan's School of Literature, Science and Arts (LS&A).  That's the largest undergraduate school at Michigan; there are undergraduate admissions to other schools; all with their own admissions programs; Engineering, Architecture, Education, Music, etc.  The Business school's policy on undergrad admissions has historically been a kind of 'tweener hybrid.  But all of the English majors, the Romance Languages majors, Mathematics, Chemistry, Computer Science; they are all in LS&A. 

Second, I know that a lot of you will not believe it but the BGS program (General Studies) is in no way an easy way out of academic requirements.  I say that because I knew something about it, as one of the LS&A degree programs, but also because I was not a BGS student and I have no particular reason to be defensive about it.

Third, I always understood that the Kinesiology program really was tailored for scholarship athletes.  I am sure there may have been some non-scholarship athletes who were in Kinesiology, but I never knew of any.

So the thing that surprises me about those numbers, if they are even true, is that the Kinesiology numbers are as low as indicated (I'd have guessed many more), and the BGS numbers are so high.