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By Alex on February 24, 2012 at 5:28p

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They have Posey graded at 76.5, Herron at 69.8, Brewster at 58, and Adams at 54. Those grades are either rubbish or they find all of those players to be valued lowly. To give this perspective they have Andrew Luck as the top player graded at a 97. 

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Adams is seen as a first round pick...

"You're pissed because we went after a committed guy? Guess what, we got 9 guys who better go do it again," said Meyer. "Do it a little harder next time."

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Kind of interesting that almost every draft has him going in the first but they have this


    "Adams has flashed talent at left tackle for the Buckeyes, not allowing many sacks when actually on the field. Suspensions for violating team rules and his part in Ohio State's "Tattoo Five" scandal, as well as various injuries, have kept him on the sideline too often during his career. He is a rather un-exciting prospect who can do the job and has the frame for the next level, but is more of a backup option at first and would struggle if thrown into a starting role. Based off his experience at a big-time school and frame, he has late round talent at the position."

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Adams had one of the lowest bench press totals with 19 reps, Brewster threw up 29. Don't know if that low number for Adams will drop his draft stock.

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Adams was outbenched (don't know if that's a word?) by tight ends for heaven's sake. That's pitiful. This only confirms how pitiful OSU's S&C staff was under Tressel. Also Brewster's and Adam's 40 times stunk.

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Its not all OSU's s&c programs fault. Vernon Gholston did in the high 30's in the 2008 combine so what does that say. Some guys are really strong, and some aren't. Adams just looks like a guy that won't bench that much. He's 6'7 for goodness sakes...bench press doesn't mean squat for a left Tackle.


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Gholston is an exception. Also when a LT is being outbenched by tight ends, yes that does matter. That's pathetic any way you look at it. It's not like he was outbenched by 1 or 2 tight ends. He was outbenched by close to 7 or 8. Of course he has long arms and that's key in the prototypical build of a LT, and while those long arms might make it a little harder to bench, there's no reason he had such a poor performance in that field. Also look at his 40 time and Brewster's. They were average at best. You can go on and talk about how measurables only mean so much, but the point is both of these guys were highly regarded recruits and neither of them were well developed throughout their college career. That blame can be placed on the previous Oline coach and the S&C staff.

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I know Litcher personally and seen his workout programs in action and trust me when I say this..its not his fault. Benching, which requires strength obviously also has other variables that factor into it. Nutrition is a huge part of it..guys that dont lift a lot usually aren't taking in the proper amount of nutrients to get stronger and more explosive. Also benching all the time is important. Take a guy like Simon who probably practices his bench press ALL THE TIME and eats a good amount of protein, fats and carbs to gain and maintain strength. Litcher gives out great meal plans, if guys like Adams don't follow it thats on the player.


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I think those grades are pretty accurate really.  Out of the bunch at the combine I could totally see Posey being the best NFL player when all is said and done.  He may end up being a later round pick that is the steal of the draft. 

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Eisen showed his complete lack of class, not surprising from a scUM alum, saying after Boom ran his 40 that the OSU players should wear long sleeves to cover tats because of suspensions.

Mayock immediately said no comment.


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I heard him..he's a tool.