Enemy at the Gates

By Ramzy Nasrallah on February 15, 2012 at 2:18p

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A guy who gets it, waxing poetic on The Rivalry renewed. Thanks for posting this, Ramzy. Excellent article.

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funniest thing i've read all day

to the everlasting dismay of Gene Smith (who seriously must live in a state of confusion; staring slackjawed at his burnt toast every morning wondering where everything went wrong after he unwittingly turned the knob all the way to the right)

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It's interesting to read the view of the opposition. I love how many in their posts keep saying, "We're NOT afraid of Urban Meyer, we're NOT afraid of Urban Meyer..." They start every post off saying that. As if they say it enough times, they'll actually believe themselves.



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Nice read thanks for linking.  It does put the rivalry into perspective, but Urbz is going to crush AACC yearly.  Flounder will be fileted.

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I'm just glad he called us 'Ohio State'.