Diggs to Announce 10 PM EST on Friday

By Alex on February 7, 2012 at 4:20p

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10 PM, really?  That's really bizarre IMHO.

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Sadly the first thought in my head is that its only 7pm in California

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I'm guessing it has something to do with waiting for the Wizards/Heat game to finish up.

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Some are saying he'll be announcing during halftime of the game. Weird.

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Did Cal make a late push?  I don't remember them in the running.  Also, didn't their star recruiter leave?

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Alex, how are you feeling about this guy still?  I know you have liked Ohio State's chances as of late.  Still feel that way?

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Ya that's a good point, Orlando. I'm just struggling for plausible explanations. Not like comcast has better prime time programming planned

"A guy from Ohio can make it in life if he works hard enough." - Wayne Woodrow Hayes

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Can we say Prima Donna?  I'm feeling less and less for this kid.  Still hope he's a Bucknut, but also hoping if he is he ISN'T a head case.

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Alex and I are both of the mindset at this point that it's Ohio State or Maryland for Stefon. 

Of course we could both be WAY off and it could easily be Florida or Auburn. Diggs has not been very vocal or easy to read in his recruitment.

My "official" guess, as of today, is Maryland.

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Re-post from forum topic...confusing with two of same:

This is from 24/7 board after J.C. Shurburtt predicted Diggs will select Maryland.

Steve Wiltfong said...

My prediction as well is Maryland. Same with a couple sources close to the Good Counsel program.

Both guys are Mods there. This was approx. 4 hrs. ago


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Deja Vu anyone? Reminds me too much of Pryor. We don't need that again.

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Maryland? LOL. He'll turn pro after his sophomore season.



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I think the fact that Ohio State has a potential All American QB gives them the edge.

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Unfortunately, I dont have good feelings about kids who feel the need to go through such great lengths to promote themselves as they sign their committment.  He makes what Pryor did with his signing look tame.

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Maybe Diggs will say "THE University of Ohio State" :)

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The only reason (I can think) he'd announce at halftime of the Wizards game is to give the "good news" to Maryland fans in the most hyped-up way possible: either to make them very happy, or to tear their hearts out. Either way, that announcement won't be pretty.  

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Yeah, it looks like Maryland since he's doing it on a local station, and during a Wizards game. Plus, apparently his good friend/teammate just committed there as well.

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As an amateur student of human behavior - this seems to bode well for Maryland. As Fido says above - it looks like he's trying to get the attention of people in Maryland...Maybe that chant at the basketball game he attended was a powerful thing...

I saw Jeremys prediction on the matter - love to get hear from Alex as well as he seemed to feel pretty good about this kid ever since the visit.

I don't think anyone has a crystal ball with Diggs but my gut says a stunt of this nature doesn't look great for us - but you never know...

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Maybe it is for the best

I Hate Michigan.



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"Do not pass me, just slow down - I can move right through you" Superchunk - Precision Auto.

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We didn't cool on Davonte Neal because of any perceived recruiting edge we had with Diggs, did we?

Seems like that decision could blow up in our face.

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A real bummer if we miss out on Diggs. He is, in my opinion, the missing piece for a 2013 National Championship run.

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@TheMostBrian- How is Diggs the missing piece for a '13 NC run? If you are saying this because you feel tOSU needs a playmaker, I'd advise you to look at the playmaking talent in the '13 recruiting class, who if signed, would be on the team for the 2013 season i.e. Jalin Marshall, Robert Foster, Shelton Gibson, Treadwell, Uriah LeMay, etc. Basically, I think Diggs would be very nice to have, but I don't see how Diggs would be critical at all to a '13 run.

I really don't care if Diggs is in this class or not. I want him to be just because it makes everyone else in college football say "Damn, look at what Urban is doing in Cbus", but by no means do I think his presence is vital to future NC success. 

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All those kids would be inexperienced freshmen learning the system. Diggs would be a sophomore with experience in the play book. That's invaluable.

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i get what your saying, but look what Auburn did with Michael Dyer as a freshman in 2010, without him, they would not have gotten to that game. yes Cam did a lot, but without Dyer...i dont see them in that game

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he's not announcing at halftime. he's announcing at 10:00 east. on a local sports show; and maybe the reason he's announcing on a local network is because he's FROM THE AREA and that's it. but I could be wrong (i mostly am).

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A local station that we can't see.  I don't know.  Unless maybe people in Maryland would understand, not be butthurt, and wish him well if he chooses Ohio State. 

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Well, if he said he was going to announce on the local station in Columbus, that would sort of give the game away. Doing it for the local affiliate doesn't necessarily tip his hand one way or the other.

Assuming things haven't changed since my younger days (I attended a high school in the same conference as Diggs's school), college football isn't a huge deal in the D.C. metro area and recruiting is even less so. If Diggs was a huge basketball prospect and was considering dissing Maryland and Georgetown, it would actually be a bigger story. 

Whatever happens, he's just one guy, and we're certainly not going to win them all against this kind of recruiting competition once we leave our home region. Just offering some realism to counter what will surely be cries of doom and gloom if Diggs goes elsewhere.

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Well, I suppose that if he is choosing OSU, he still couldn't just jump on a plane to Columbus and go on 10TV to announce it.  Maryland is not that big on football, which is why I've been saying all along that it would surprise me if he chooses Maryland over us and Florida - unless proximity to home is a major priority of his, and program prestige is not.  I probably just overthought this one. 

And you're right, not the end of the world if he doesn't choose us.  We have a top 3 class as is.  If he wants to come here, great, we'll be happy to have him.  If he wants to go to Maryland, then good luck to him. 



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He maybe so late in the process that this network was the only one interested.

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I'm ready to move on without this guy. Great talent and all but I can always do with less of the dog and pony shows. Were we to have only signed 12 recruits or so maybe it would be more pressing to me, but as it stands, meh...whatever. The fact is we've witnessed an Urbuclean recruiting effort in 1/3 the time allotment, I'm ready to start kicking ass and taking names, get back up from the sucker punch and punish some bitches.

Strange coincidence that he'll be announcing following the game featuring the orchestrator of the "decision"...could go a lot of ways with that tangent but I'll wait.

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How callous of you. After the Pony Express was finished with its deliveries and got paid for their efforts, we were left with FIVE DEAD HOOKERS. And you want to go back to those days?!?  

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That was back when men were MEN and boyz ii men were the best.


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I don't read anything into the fact that he's announcing on a local station. It's where he lives. The only thing for me that makes me believe Maryland is the choice is that his friends signed there. Other than that, I'd say it seems pretty even. And let's please not do the whole, "ah it's whatever we don't need him" thing if he chooses elsewhere. Everyone on here really wants this kid.

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A couple of things.

First, Kyle Dodson gave us a show with his announcement and we loved it. Diggs gets scheduled to announce and now everyone is acting like he's a prima donna. I don't understand why we just went so cold on Diggs.

Second, if my college decision was going to be televised, I'd be doing it in my hometown media market, too so that friends, family, and the community could watch.

Third, on inflicting pain on the Maryland fan base. We aren't talking about a dominant program where top talent is expected to go. This is a place that doesn't have a prestigious football history and routinely fills a 50,000 person stadium at two-thirds capacity. While some people will be hurt, I think we'd be looking at about as much pain as a star player from NW Ohio choosing Ohio State over playing at UT or BG.

Everyone needs to be easy. We're in a good spot and if we've learned anything over the past few weeks, we know we have a staff full of closers.

Go Bucks.

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I'm definitely not cold on Diggs, but I was worried that he is/was likely headed to Maryland, based on what I'd heard, and/or because I was jumping to conclusions. Some of us heard (or misconstrued) that he was going to announce at halftime of the Wizards game, as if it were part of the show. I still don't know how this announcement is going to be produced and/or aired, but even now I can see the format being either neutral or potentially a positive sign for Maryland:

Neutral: Diggs is simply announcing on the local station, on a day of his choosing, with no special calculation of hyping it for the DC/MD market, maybe just because he didn't feel like announcing at his high school on Feb. 10, etc.

Positive sign for Maryland: the announcement is being coordinated in some way to maximize the hype factor for the DC/MD market.

I have no idea which it is, but the 10 pm announcement time makes me slightly pessimistic. I'd really like him to pick the Buckeyes.

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I completely agree. If there is one person in the world I wouldn't bet against when he's in a recruits ear during crunch time, it's UfM.

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I don't care if the kid wants a little bit of attention when making his announcement.  Normally, no one else would either, as long as it was on or before signing day.  For some reason everyone gets all fired up when the kid waits for a 10 days after signing day to make his committment.  He still had an official visit to make, and he is taking a few days to digest the visit and think about his choices.

Urban cooled on Neal because red flags went up about the kid.  It's been rumored and discussed quite a bit that the decision to leave not take Neal had nothing to do with on the field issues, it was totally off the field stuff.  He passed on Diamond, a great player in a position of need because of red flags too.  If there were any hint of trouble with Diggs, Urban would not be interested.  Let's think about that.

To be sure he is a player you want.  This class is great without him, but man if you can get this kind of athlete added to this class you jump at that chance.  I'll be disappointed if he doesn't come to Ohio State. 

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Waiting ten days or so shouldn't be a problem, yet it is. I would imagine most who are ready to move on without him are of the opinion that we got kicked in the nuts pretty hard by the last guy who made a spectacle of himself, at least that's how I feel. I wouldn't expect Diggs to understand it, but we're, as a whole a little gun shy of that type of thing understandably too I might add.

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I just feel like most of the players make spectacle's out of their announcements.  Whether they are on a press conference on ESPN, or making the selection during some all star game it happens a lot.  I fail to see the difference myself, especially since his final visit was scheduled after signing day anyway.  I get the Pryor deal, but no one feels burnt by guys who committed like Posey or Boom did.  Those guys burnt Ohio State pretty bad as well, and in Posey's case multiple times. 

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I can't believe I'm writing this, but not only do I agree with your main argument, I can't even quibble with any of your points, which are spot on! If you keep this up, my days as an a-hole Devil's Advocate will be short.

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I agree (see above) and, thankfully, voices of reason here on 11W have talked me partly off the ledge. Part of me is still on the ledge, though, because of the 10 pm announcement time, which might be odd time for him to announce for Florida or Ohio State. I'd like to say that I'm cautiously optimistic, but I'm more like wishfully pessimistic.  

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Just hope he picks OSU, but find the 10 PM time a bit strange.  Whatever.  I won't be watching.

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Its so he can party it up afterwards. Get his Goose on man!

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Diggs tweeted that he will announce tomorrow from which location he will be making his college choice. So it appears it is still in limbo which venue he will use.

OOOPS! This has been posted elsewhere.