A Look Inside Ohio State's Trademark Enforcement Arm

By Jason Priestas on February 21, 2012 at 11:55a

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I think OSU looks fine in this article.

vacuuming sucks

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Agreed. The headline is ridiculously misleading and the only goal that I can infer is to bash Ohio State for not giving them as much info as ESPN wants.

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Wow, so all the hoopla about ESPN suing OSU turned up this?  I'm sure OTL has to be genuinely disappointed....   Looks like the enforcement arm was performing due diligence in trying to police not only Talbot, but a myriad of others.  I can also understand why OSU wanted to drag their feet in delaying the discovery - gave them more time to investigate the dealers.  Talbot may want to watch his back at this point, I'm sure some of those dealers are going to be pissed he provided info on them.  Thanks for pointing this out OTL!

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I don't have a good feeling about this Talbott guy.  After Ramzy did his piece on him, i was feeling bad for the guy.  He seemed to have a legit answer to all of Ramzy's questions and I thought maybe he's not so bad.  I can't remember for sure because it's been a while, but didn't he deny golfing with TP or other players?  Then it comes out that oh yeah he did golf with them.  I just don't think this guy is as innocent as he has claimed to be.  Maybe not, Ramzy perhaps you can chip in your 2 cent.  I just think maybe the guy is shady.  Perhaps not the scumbag he was portrayed as by the media when all this was blowing up, but I defintely don't think he was complete honest in his talk with Ramzy. l

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I think he has an account on here, and he actually answered people's questions in the comments. The guy stated that he'd done nothing wrong. I of course could be imagining this.

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As I said, I felt bad for the guy after the shit hit the fan and Ramzy interviewed him.  I may be way off base with my comment it's been a while.  I should've looked up the post and re-read it before I made a comment I guess.

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I recall hearing him on 97.1 The Fan answering some questions on air right after the NCAA sanctions came down. As for the round of golf at Scioto Reserve I believe he explained that yes it occurred, but the player(s) paid their own way.

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Link to the original Talbott article/interview

He never denied golfing with them - he denied paying for it and had his own receipts. There was some other off-the-record stuff that he shared with me that really cemented my own opinion that he was being made out to be a convenient boogeyman.

Talbott's got an 11W account and actually first alerted me to the ESPN article this morning. He can speak for himself if he wishes to  - I personally don't think the article today has any meat at all (ESPN got its inquiries answered and ran the story regardless of the fact that it was a fruitless inquiry) but Talbott is understandably traumatized every time he sees his name on ESPN. After the summer he went through I can't blame him.

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Thanks Ramzy, I actually went back and read the article and the comments.  Definitely, seems like ESPN built him into something more than he really was.  I noticed there was one person in the comments who seemed to be very passionate that Talbott was a bad guy, perhaps the guy was picked on in highschool or something. 

The thing that stinks more than anything else is that the guy's hobby/side business certainly was impacted by all the hoopla. 

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Can't pull up the video. What's the "RIP, Buckeye Battle Cry" reference?

Class of 2008

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It's listed on this document.

Basically infringing on OSU's copyright, etc.

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It was an Ohio State football annual that we edited. Published by Maple Street Press, it had a glorious two-year run before OSU killed it.

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I had that issue.  It was great.  I still have it actually.

vacuuming sucks

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Hell yea I have both. Loved those magazines.

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And the witch hunt continues.

Long live the southend.

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Will this nightmare end? We are talking about photographs here. There is a huge disagreement with the university and many photographers over the editorial rights of the images. This fight has been well documented and the truth has been blurred often.

I am not affiliated or associated with Ed Riffe (tattoo guy) in any way. If you read the letter from the NCAA- the punishment and bowl ban is because of those actions. I'm not asking for sympathy- Just look at the facts. I did not have any double top secret autograph sessions with Terrelle or any other current players. Quoted in the article "OSU spokesman Jim Lynch told The File university officials were never able to substantiate any of the tips they received about Talbott and that the ongoing communication with Talbott shows that the university was "closely monitoring the memorabilia marketplace."

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Not selling the photos for cash seems like a fairly simple edict to follow regardless.

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Kind of amazing that all this started from what a comment made by a TP's former room mates brother?  Crazy stuff.  Other than the Michigan press pass, have you lost credentials for other schools, sports, or events?  You have evidence that you have done nothing wrong, are you going to try and recoup the losses this has caused you?  

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I actually took a break from shooting for the winter. I have been published all over the world, have photos in sports cards, and if I'm on a sideline- someone reports that I'm trying to get recruit a player. Makes no sense at all! I have talked to a few people about trying to form a lawsuit- 1. I don't have the large amount of $$ to fight in court 2) It is VERY difficult to prove malice. Plus like above they often cover themselves as "its being reported or sources say". Hard to fight that- People have no idea how much heartache this entire thing has cost my family. My health, employment, and relationships. It was a living hell!

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Wow, I can imagine, then you get schmucks like me reading the stories and doubting your defense of yourself in comment sections of blogs.  It's a shame that a couple of irresponsible folks on a sports network can run with bad information and ruin your life.  Of course, they don't have any consequences for their actions, but you have consequences for their actions. 

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Why shouldn't he be able to sell his own artistic efforts for cash?  Cash is a perfectly legitimate form of legal tender, and frankly, as long as he has his press pass from the Athletic Dept., and has an agreement to be able to be a photographer for the football program, he owns the rights to his work, regardless of what logos appear in it.  Big overreach by the AD.  As long as the players didn't autograph anything (which he claims and is backed up by total lack of evidence otherwise) he sold, there is no problem.  Even if they did autograph something he sold, is that different than the fan whose kid gets 3 or 4 hats autographed and then sells a few of them on eBay?  And if that is different to the NCAA, then they need to understand that STATE and NATIONAL copyright laws supersede their petty contract.  It's just like the Posey thing, where Posey showed up and did the work, and because it was a union job, and Ohio is not a right to work state (where Booster man could have paid him the NCAA's approved $15/hr.) the booster in question would have to violate National and State labor laws in order to be in compliance with a non governmental contract (the NCAA).  As far as I understand, when a contract violates the law, it becomes null and void.  Therefore, the Booster that hired Posey could ignore the NCAA contract because the Soverignty of the State of Ohio and The United States of America supersedes it.


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You are making way too much sense here.  The NCAA cares about no laws/rules other than their own.  This was evidenced by their blatant refusal to hear anything about the Posey employment situation other than what they assumed.  The Atty. representing the players had sworn statements verifying that the work that was paid for was actually performed, he even had cell phone records to prove that Posey was on site when he was working.  The NCAA did not care because they want it done their way or no way. 

Your are very correct in the fact that State and Federal laws trump anything that the NCAA has in their by-laws.  This whole fiasco started because JT believed the same thing (if we are to believe what he said) and chose to let the federal authorities sort out the whole mess instead of getting OSU and/or the NCAA involved.  (I still believe that this was his intent despite all the national and local opinions that he did it just to have his players remain eligible - there were just too many cases of him disciplining and/or dismissing good players from the team when they stepped over the line.  Plus, with the Feds involved he knew that this would all surface publicly, it was not a 'secret' that he could keep.)  We all saw where that logic landed him and the school.  The NCAA could give a rat's butt about anything other than their own rules. 

Please excuse me here if I am sounding a little PO'd at the NCAA - I hope that doesn't go against the new posting guidelines!!!   But, yes I am a still a little frustrated, and, worst of all, I fear that the other ongoing NCAA investigations will not produce similarly tough sanctions for the likes of Miami and the others.  That said, I am certainly willing to move on and experience our Urban renewal!  (It is often said that you need to face adversity in order to effect real change - well, we have had our adversity, and so far most of us seem to like the new direction.) 

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I heard the other day that the NCAA only recognizes the gold standard.


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What a muckraking piece-of-shit article this is! Does anyone know if this Paula Lavigne is the female ESPN reporter that was knocking on doors and begging people to give her anything last summer?

I mean look at this quote from the article.

"Outside the Lines" reported last year that Talbott, who had a van with vanity plates that read "TPRYOR," paid Pryor between $20,000 to $40,000 in 2009 for signed merchandise -- all potential NCAA violations. Talbott has consistently denied the allegations, as has Pryor's attorney. Officials with OSU also declined comment at the time.

You see what she did there, right? She's repeating the allegations (Talbott paid Pryor $20,000 to $40,000 for signed merchandise) but is still protecting herself from libel charges. How? Because she says OTL "reported [the allegation] last year". That essentially is a true statement. They DID report the allegation last year.

And viola... she's able to keep the allegation alive. The average reader would interpret this paragraph to mean that it's a known fact that Talbott paid Pryor $20,000 to $40,000 for signed merchandise.

And journalists wonder why they're considered on the same level as lawyers. I wonder how ESPN reporters sleep at night. I also wonder if they beat puppies just for fun.



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I believe Bob Knight once said that journalism is a notch or two above prostitution.

Class of 2010.

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Depends on the journalist. It's well known that a free press is important to maintaining freedom, but a free press also means you can get a-holes that try to create a story at the expense of the truth. 

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Today's journalism is totally different though.  It's tabloid journalism at it's best now.  Run to the wire and put out whatever crap you can.  There are still people out there fighting the good fight but ya know back in the day, mostly  there was some responsibility and respect for your source.  Today, much like people want to jump on blogs and say FIRST, most media just want to be the first one to run out there and throw out whatever info they have and then lean on stuff like a source that doesn't want to be named says, or as reported early by.....

A lot of guys attack Wetzel and Robinson and I don't get it, they are a couple of guys who actually get their research together and spend months working on something before they break a story.  They are quite respectable in my opinion.  May not support their goals but I respect they work they do before running with stuff. 

Then you get an idiot like Brooks out there who takes a couple pieces of info and runs with it as fact, and he gets interviewed and quoted on ESPN and Fox radio and TV programming, among others I'm sure.  

I see the backlash over the dumbest shit these days when it comes to sports, and just regular news and I have to wonder what kind of coverage would guys like Woody, Babe Ruth, and Ty Cobb have.  What kind of image would be put out there about other historical figures like Lincoln, MLK, or hell even guys like Elvis.  I don't know.  There is still good work being done out there, but there's a lot of crap being pushed out there too. 




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BT... for the record, I agree with you 100%. Just wanted to point out that the concept of journalism and a free press is important.

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No, they drown puppies for fun, after they beat them.  According to sources I have secretly obtained and cannot reveal allegedly due to the Witness Relocation Program run by the U.S. Marshals service.  (A one armed man told me)

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I understand the whole SEC bias, but honestly, how can SOMEONE, ANYONE AT ALL, not look into Alabama after those suits and memorabilia pictures surfaced? This is one long and frustrating joke.

Don't give up... Don't ever give up.

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I just want to know how Auburn got away with it....my lil' league coach used to tell me if you aren't cheating you aren't trying.

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Paula Lavigne has worked as a computer-assisted reporting specialist

Huh?  Like she googles shit and reports on it? Or it does the writing for her and she hits the 'Publish' button?

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This article = much ado about nothing other than ESP-U trying to attract some readers.  If you actually read the article, though, we really don't look bad at all.  It's old news though. 

Class of 2010.

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Their e-mails detailing their hands off approach to Auburn was all the proof i ever needed.

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Disappointing.  I was hoping that Rick Van Brimmer would end up looking worse in this article. 

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ESPiN hacks at it again. Writing about old news that no one cares about anymore. Except OSU haters like themselves.

Where is the reporting on the "U's" violations?

Where are the ESPiN hacks on this? http://sportsbybrooks.com/tag/trent_richardson