Penn State swipes a QB verbal from Rice

By Ramzy Nasrallah on January 24, 2012 at 12:45p

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To be fair, our backup QB was, what, a 1-star player?

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no stars like a BAUS

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Man Bauserman was HORRIBLE!!! I dont even wanna think about how bad he was in the games!!

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You mean Guiton?  I have no idea.  Cardale is 3-star I believe.

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IIRC, Guiton was 3 and Taylor Graham was 4 according to some sources

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Kid looks Okay speaking strictly of what little I saw on the Tube. Kind of like a poor mans Alex Smith. I don't want to troll Penn State too hard. Rice has shown decent QB play and maybe they saw something? All I know is that he looked better in High School film than Joe Bauserman.

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Yeah, but The Baus has a better beard.



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We'll have to agree to disagree here, Coir. The Baus takes a video backseat to no one. No other QB in HS football history could hit the wide open popcorn vendor like him.

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I know star ratings don't mean everything, but PSU seemed to struggle with QB play this season, and landing a 2-star QB doesn't exactly lead me to believe it will get a lot better for them soon.

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Again, take star rating with a grain of salt, but they still have Rob Bolden 4* (2010) and Paul Jones 5* (2010) on their roster. Rankings according to

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Paul Jones must be god awful if he can't beat out either McGloin or Bolden for playing time.

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"Hmmm...But we don't need another quarterback right now."


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Oh my! Funny shit right there!^^^^



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The KFC buckets as stars is what made me laugh til I cried.......


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Awesome.  That look on his face is like he's struggling to decide between a #1, #5, #7 and #12 or go with a #3, #4, #7 and #15. 


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welcome to the cellar

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PSU wanted him, i'm sure, b/c he possesses a ton of "moxie."